February 1, 2014

Sephora Makeover

So I got an email about a free event at Sephora for a makeup application and there were free gifts. Who doesn't like a free gift?

Hoping to learn a little, and maybe find some products to fill a few voids I've been searching for, I went with tiny hopes that *maybe* it would go ok.

Last time I had my makeup done, I thought it looked ridiculous.

This time, I look pasable, but still ridiculous in my own mind. This is why I refuse to get my makeup done for my wedding in June. I won't look like me and I'll hate it. Sigh. Here's the before and after

 On the left, naked face. On the right, I feel like I look like about ten years older with that god awful liner under my eyes. Overall, it seems ok, but the photo is making it look better than it is. The foundation has zero coverage, or at least for the amount that was used. My healing chin zit actually looks MORE red after the makeup went on it.

The liner. The liner is just so bad. (Am I right? Or am I crazy?)  I do like the colors of the shadows. They aren't showing up well in the pics, but they are nice shimmer pinkish bronzey colors (which I am searching for)

The lady went a little overboard with the blush and bronzer on my cheeks. I complained about the last time I had makeup done and my blush went all the way up onto my temples and how stupid it was, and she said oh yes, much too high. She proceded to swipe bronzer up ONTO my ears saying, it really does need to go all the way back though, oh yes.  On no, lady. At least not with that heavy of a hand.

I also do LOVE the lipstick crayon color. I might buy this as a splurge to wear on my wedding day. I will look for a dupe first, because dayumn, 19$ for a lipstick? Sigh.

Here's the product breakdown:
 All Buxom products:
Foundation: Show me someshin weightless foundation
Eyeshadow: Lid- Collie    Browbone Cockerspaniel
Lipstick crayon in Havana

Didn't bother asking about the blush or bronzer, I wasn't a fan.

She sent me away with a sample of the foundation and a free lipgloss in Sophia. (Though the box says it tingles and there's nothing I hate more than tingley lip products. Oh well.

So, what do you think?