July 12, 2013

Boxes Boxes Everywhere

Well, the time has come to start packing for my move. I'm in the middle of crap everywhere, boxes piled all around. It's a  situation where I'm walking around like I've got stepping stones because that's the bare space I have to step. Hah!

I'm making o.k progress...there has been ALOT of sorting, organizing, and purging in the process. Some stuff I will try to sell, like a few small tables and misc items, some I will donate if it doesn't sell, some I'm still having a hard time being able to let go of if I don't sell it...even though it's in my "get rid of it" pile.(I keep trying to tell myself downsize downsize, get rid of it...its only half working)

Anywho, needless to say its definitely not a stylish time in my life, and there is nowhere to take pictures here even if it was. Although the boy is coming for one last visit this weekend for my birthday, and I'm hoping to have majority of my things packed and have the boxes more organized to one area...so maybe if I dress up for our dates I will have some space to take a few outfit pictures...

July 4, 2013

Festive Fourth

I can be cute when I wanna. Since I had this hanging in the closet, and it's the fourth of July and all, I figured, might as well! Plus, I will be in public later watching the fireworks, so there is reason to put in more effort than when I usually wear my pajamas most of the day. I mean, uh.. erm..heh heh

So I thought I'd try this two slightly different ways, red hoop earrings, nude lips or no earrings, red lips. I look nice without the lipstick, but in the photos, red lips wins, dontcha think?

Flats: Kohls
Dress and Belt: Forever 21
Red hoops: sorry, no idea
Red lipstick: Revlon blackberry with ELF matte rich red on top

 Most bloggers can attest, that while taking pictures of yourself, you inevitably get a bunch where you are making stupid faces (which you delete) but I had to include this one because I can't help but laugh because my expression is so "b****, please" Haha!

July 3, 2013

Look, I'm in a dress.

Dress: Delias
Anchor Necklace: Charming Charlie

 I do love the detailing on this dress. Also, straightening my hair is more trouble than it's worth I think. I can't believe I use to wear my hair like this every. day.

I think tomorrow I will have to do my June budget post...

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July 2, 2013

Low maintenance

Totally haven't been updating, but I totally don't care. I've reverted back to lazy mode, aka most days I don't even leave the house, so what's the point in trying? Haha. Shame really, I've got cute stuff, but what's the point of wearing it just to sit on the couch all day? (man, sorry to ya'll with regular jobs, I sound like the laziest bum ever)

Most days it's shorts and a simple tank or shirt, my hair up, no jewelry, no makeup, no shoes. Other days I put a little effort in... see below. =)

Flats: H&M
Shorts: JCP
Top: Target
Necklace: Body Central

What the heck is up with my toes??
Shorts and tee: Kohls
Shades: NY&Co.

 Everybody look to the left...everybody look to the right...

 Essie Fiji
No name polish...well, "Body Central" brand from the mall...

That metallic polish I last posted, STAINED my nails like none other. The dark blue was the worst, and the green, made my nails a pretty gross shade of yellow. And that's WITH a basecoat. Yikes.