October 30, 2012

Oops, I did it again

Stopped posting for a while. Let's play catch up.

Pants: Kols
Top: Not sure?
Ring: Target
Fugly pink nail polish, walmart. Barf

Shoes: Walmart
Pants: Kohls
Tank: F21
Sweater: H&M
Necklace: Icing

 You know, I really thought these shoes would go good with khaki...but they're kinda a weird color. They are definitely better as no sock shoes, so maybe I shoudl just hide them till spring? I dunno, they look kinda terrible like this, no?

Pants: Kohls
Sweater: F21
Necklace: Charming Charlie

Charming Charlie, the best accessory store!

Also, kinda hating my hair lately. I think I'll straighten it for Halloween just cuz I feel like it.

October 25, 2012

The Rant.

Well, I feel frumpy. Still.

I've had good outfits and good hairdays but after finding a few more new blogs and looking through things, other people are SO MUCH more fashionable than I am. I can say at least, that all of the new stuff has looked good, and when I make a good outfit, it is a good. outfit.

But, my pants are baggy (seriously, I'm swimming in my grey pants, but they fit at the waist, so boo), I slick my hair back and it looks awful but I'm too lazy and don't wake up early enough to style it in a cute way other than "down" or "up" most of the time.I need cuter work sneakers or shoes or flats or something. My black flats are a bit too big so they don't really fit without socks. And even so, they have no cushion whatsoever and are not very comfy.

I've been wearing my cheetah flats with like, everything. Because I don't have other good shoes to wear. Yeah, but you know, I only have like 25 pairs, but none to wear. Obviously.

Why can't I look cute and styled? Why does the shopping in my city SUCK? Seriously, we have two malls, should I be able to find a cute pair of brown boots? No. Not to save my life. Or non I'll fitting dress pants, apparently. UGH.

I'm shipping off a stack of clothes that dont fit, look frumpy/ugly on me, etc to goodwill. Good riddance. Making room for the new. I'm determined to do some shopping damage when I go home to visit my parents. They live near one of the largest malls in the country, with HM and Forever 21, which I don't have, and there is an awesome HUGE Platos Closet up there. Kinda hit or miss, but with it being so close to such a big shopping mecca, they seem to get lots of the nicer stuff, like NY and Co and Express and such, along with the teenager brands which I bypass. Maybe I will score a cute purse there too. I've been scouring the stores for a few weeks now.

I've actually got a list of top priority items, like better fitting slacks, brown boots, and the cardigan colors I have yet to acquire, in order to help me focus better while shopping.

I've seen alot of bloggers photographing outfits in a dressign room. Should I do this? Maybe it will help me determine if the fit of something actually looks good? I can look at the pics once out of the dressing room to help me decide? Hmm

Also, my hometown has not onlythe big mall and the nicely located big Platos Closet, but also TJMaxx, Ross and Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, AND Homegoods, AND Ikea. Omg, my poor wallet.

October 24, 2012

Half Day, Twice the Heat

Sneakers: Sketchers
Jeans: SO @Kohls
Top: Basic Juniors Tees @ Kohls
Scarf: London somewhere
Blazer: Gap
Earrings: NY and CO
Ring: Craft show, similar on etsy

Today, and all of this week really, has really been warm. Like, almost 80 warm. I threw on this blazer/jacket after being inspired by seeing alot of other bloggers in blazers lately. They aren't really "me" but this actually really looks quite cute... got way too hot though to wear it much into the day.

Yay pops of color! I was pretty toasty in this scarf today though... I love the colors of this scarf, and the brightness of this shirt. I was feeling lazy and it was a half day so I just threw on jeans. Cute and casual. Just the way I like it.

October 23, 2012

Yeah, I definitely need more pencil skirts

I skipped a few posts because I was feeling frumpy those days. Shame on me.

Flats: Target
Skirt: Gordmans
Top: Express via Platos Closet
Earrings: Charming Charlie

Yes, I am an outfit repeater. This is what I wore the second day of school. Today I had a cardigan on over it for most of the day, I should have taken another photo with the sweater on. I am really trying hard to wear all my clothes and not repeat outfits, but the weather took a freakish turn towards summer and I wanted to wear a skirt and at the last minute changed my mind about what shirt to wear because the cardigan I WANTED to wear with the other tank was dirty and in the hamper. Eyeroll.

In other news, I went shopping today to avoid doing laundry (just what I need!) And bought some items from old navy. Only, I didn't buy them in the store, because one I wanted to mull it over (expensive coat purchase) and two I thought it was on sale online. I came home to check and it turns out I was right. Plus there was a 20%off code, and free shipping. So I saved almost 20$ on a long white wool coat. (For fancy occasions). I also bought a pair of compression workout pants (more form fitting) to wear for figure skating practice, and threw in a pair of winter boots I was eyeing. I really wish I had tried on the boots in the store, but if I don't like them I can easily return in store and not worry about shipping them back. I also snagged a necklace from Charming Charlie (my fav place, sooo sparkly in there!) and a dress from Charlotte Russe. At first I found a M but that was too big. I decided to check one more time even though I had already looked at the entire sale rack. there I found hiding and XS. Hmmm I thought...please fit? Annnd it did. I zipped it up and was like "yesssssss".   The already on clearance dress was even cheaper at the register, and was 7 something. SCORE.  Now I just need to figure out how to style it for winter (it's a tad on the shorter side and skinny straps/kinda backless) It's not a clubbign dress or anything, but not a sundress either. Hard to describe. Maybe with tights, a sweater, and black boots. Now all I need are the boots. Oh boots, how you evade me....

October 17, 2012

It's a shirt, no its a dress!

Flats: Target online only
Skirt: NY and Co
Sweater: NY and Co
Dress: Forever 21
Belt: Forever 21
Earrings: Charming Charlie

October 16, 2012

Pencil skirts are my jam

If clothing was like music, any type of pencil skirt would be like my jam. Me and pencil skirts are like pb and jelly dude. I look freakin cute in them! Too bad it's gettin soooo cold and I want to wear so many layers in winter, I wish I could wear skirts more!

I got sooo many compliments on this outfit today, it was kinda ridiculous. The P.E teacher Mr. M said I was all dressed up with nowhere to go. Lol, kinda true! I felt pretty fancy today.

Flats: Target online only
Skirt: Freakin awesome from H&M, recent (runs small) HERE 
Lace Top: Charlotte Russe
Earrings: Kohls
Ring: Target
Sock bun: the internet

I love the lace!
 I like the detailing of the curved seams on this skirt too. Did my best to photograph it. See link above for better picture from the H&M site!

October 15, 2012

Monday Funday

Shoes: Sketchers
Pants: TBA via Kohls
White Top: NY and Co
Grey Sweater: Banana Republic Outlet
Necklace: Ny and CO

I really like this sweater alot. It has a unique texture to it and I like the detailing of the ribing and the little bow. LOVE the bow. Love it. The really ridiculous thing about this is that it is a size Petite XXS. I kid you not. And 1, I am not petite size in the torso (although I guess the sweater in on the shorter side) and I'm definitely not an XXS. So, was this supposed to be a MK and Ashley Olsen twin "i'm homless" bag lady sweater or something on a small person? Who knows. All I know is it looked normal sized when I grabbed it off the rack, it fits well, and I like it.

I wish I could have thought out the outfit a little more but I was runnign late, so this became a half outfit repeat with the same white top and necklace as picture day from the end of September.

My my, my hair keeps getting longer and longer. I think I've finally realized it. Also, this coat weather (thus the wearing of coats) is really messing up the underside of my hair, making it a big tangled nappy mess. It prolly took me a solid five minutes to detangle in the shower using my fingers (since I pretty much never use a hairbrush anymore...read older posts about my curly girl hair routine) Not sure how the curly girl stuff will work out over winter. I might be straighening it a bit more. (GASP)

Also, the fun thing about weekends is having time to paint your nails! I realized I've got a nailpolish problem. I have 55 bottles. (It makes it better that about 1/3rd of them are mini bottles, right? RIGHT??) And I uh, I didn't pick up two more bottles at Walgreens just this afternoon. Nope, did not. ::whistles:: But really, I got alot more polish when I bought these nail stamping plates off Amazon called Bundle Monster, which is a knockoff of the much more expensive Konad. And I'm telling you guys, this is what started making nail art popular, and why Sally Hansen and those people all came out with those printed nail stickers. P.S. My cuticles are after I moisturized! HOW the heck do those nail bloggers have such awesome nails?? Jeez. Also, I have stumpy wide nailbeds. And I'm not the most patient at shaping my nails either, mainly because I despise the sound of a nailfile. I had to trim down my nails since I snagged a few, but didn't want to trim them all the way to stumps, but I didn't trim them very evenly. Hmm. Anyone have any nail tips?

Happy Monday

If you found me via YOLO Mondays via Molly at http://www.themollybuckley.com/  Holla at me in the comments!

P.S. Am I the most lame person ever that I only found out wtf YOLO meant YESTERDAY? Watching shark tank no less. Haha, I'm so lame. =p

October 13, 2012

Fashion Friday

Flats: Target online only
Jeans: Levi via TJMaxx
Top, belt included: Charlotte Russe
Earrings: Made myself in metals class in college

I do love this shirt.And I like that the belt was included. I should wear this belt with other outfits. It's a good belt, fits me perfectly. I have such a hard time with waist belts, because even the smalls are too big on me=(

 The whole thing just screams fall to me today, which is another reason I like this outfit. And I threw in the fun flats just for extra pizazz. Hee hee!


Flats: Walmart
Khakis: Kohls
Top: H&M? Not totally sure

You know, I thought when I bought these shoes they would be great to wear with Khakis, but I feel like I just can't get the sock color right with these. Maybe I need darker brown? I'd wear no sock, but we all know I'm too much of a cold weather baby to not wear socks...

October 10, 2012

Brrrrright Colors

Pants: TBA via Kohls
Tank: Platos Closet
Cardigan: Gap Outlet
Earrings: Claires

O.k, so when I wear my hair up, this is what it looks like from the side. I only look totally awful from the front. Hah. Anyways, this morning I had car duty, which means I had to stand outside while the parents dropped off their students. I regretted not wearing full sleeves and rushing out the door without a hat and scarf. Brrr.

As far as the outfit goes, I really like how this outfit is a nice pop of color, and I LOVE the ruffles on the tank. Love love love!

October 9, 2012

Curly Girl Updates

I guess I can post this here, no?

Long story short, I cut regular shampoo out of my life, and decided to let my hair do it's own wild thing after torturing it with a blowdryer and flat iron since high school.  I started this journey in May, so we are starting month 6. I've straightened it only a handful of times since May, which are the only times I've even used a hairbrush

 For crying out loud, I didn't even bring a hairbrush on vacation, that's how revolutionary this was for me. (I comb my hair with my fingers in the shower while it's drenched in conditioner, because everyone knows brushing curls=disaster!)

I switched to using low sulphate shampoo, but mostly just conditioner washing. Sounds gross, but if you use NO SILICONES in your conditioner or styling products, everything washes out (including natural oil and dirt build up) with the cleansers that are in the silicone free conditioners.But this is harder than it sounds, cuz thos nasty silicones are hiding in just about freaking everything. I had to stop using all the conditioner and all like 9 bottles of styling stuff I already had and start from scratch.

My curl has seriously tightened up, and while I still have good and bad hair days and am figuring out the products I use and my best system, I'm feeling alot more awesome about letting my curls live. =)

I use: Loreal suplhate free shampoo
Conditioner wash: Suave mango conditioner
Conditioning conditioner (haha, right?) Tresemme NATURALS volume conditioner
Gel: LA Sport, Blue stuff, like 3 dollars at Walmart for the biggest bottle you've ever seen ( I still haven't run out in 5 months!)

You can find more info on the boards at curlygirl.com if you want to know more =)

Here are the progress shots:(click a pic to scroll through them in a bit of a larger size)

Before (above in black)
2 weeks
7 weeks

5 months in (this week)
And before again for comparison sake

Fallin off the wagon

Well, I was doing so good at posting! Or at least taking the photos, cuz I got a week behind in posting. And then, well, I dunno what happened. I think I missed Thursday bc I never bothered to take a photo, and then once I got home sick I changed into pajamas.

Yes, last week I came down with strep! Not fun! So, I was in pajamas Friday-Monday. Today, back to work!

I've got one outfit from last week, and today, which I had to take at home because I forgot my camera, oops!

Flats: Walmart
Pants: Kohls
Top and Sweater: NY&Co
Ring: Target

 Seriously, I don't know why these grey pants look so freaking HUGE on me. Definitely not the best fit.  Also I just LOVE this argyle sweater because its not TOO argyle. Does that make sense? I think it's the light colors. Plus I love that my bowtie ring bling kinda matches the buttons. Also, someone needs to come and stop me from letting me put my hair all back like this. For. Reals.

Awful mirror smudges, oops
Purple top: Forever 21
Black jersey drapey cardigan: Tjmaxx
Necklace: Charming Charlies

And yes, my nails are pretty much that exact shade of fushia. Woo!