August 28, 2012

Tons of Accessories Not Necessary

Something about this hot weather is making me really minimalistic, despite trying to "style" and accessorize my outfits more. And this skirt just didn't need a belt or anything. And scarf, are you insane, my classroom is 100 degrees! I think the earrings were big enough to warrant not wearing a necklace as

Please ignore the ugly mirror streaks. I tried everything, they won't go away.

Shoes: Same black sketchers as before even though I'm in socks
Skirt: Custom made while I was in Africa
Shirt: Kohls
Earrings: Claires maybe? Long time ago
Ring: Georgetown Jewelers

This ring served as my "class ring substitute" My family ((grandparents, now uncles) own a jewelry store, and my grandfather didn't let his kids get class rings because he said they were junk, but could get any item from the store for equal value. My parents gave us the same choice, to pick any piece of jewelry if we wanted to not get a class ring. I think class rings are ugly, so I got this trillion cut blue topaz that had a couple teeny diamonds on the side.  I still wear it at not many people can probably say that of their class ring!

August 27, 2012


Yeah, sneakers don't scream "polished professional,"  but not many flats offer much of any support, and my floor is rock hard tile. I'm on my feet almost 9 hours a day. Sometimes, the feet just need to be comfy.
Also,clutter is attacking my room...temporarily. Someone thought to bring in a drafting table for me, which is peeking into the photo. Also, I won a contest to makeover my room from the Container Store. Awesome right! Well all my bags of goodies are by the that's why I had to move over for this picture from what was my usual spot. Plus it's a million degrees with no A/C, so there's a fan in the background too. Hah!

Shoes: Sketchers (Style found at JCPenney, Shoe Carnival, and Kohls)
Crop Jeans: Burlington Coat Factory
Top: H&M
Necklace: NY&Co

August 24, 2012

Week 1!

Oh man, it's been a rough week. These kids are definitely NOT getting back into the swing of things super quickly! Here's the outfits from the last few days:


Dude, am I having a seriously awesome hair day or WHAT? Oh yeah. I love my blingy bow tie ring so much. I have to try to wear it more. The sparkles make me happy.
Sandals: Shoe Carnival (old)
Crop Jeans: Burlington Coat Factory
Top: Express via Platos Closet
Neclace: NY&Co (I think) It is lots of little dangling leaves
Bowtie Bling: Target


The sad thing is I love these shoes. I never wore them because I was too afraid to get them dirty.They wer ethe most expensive shoes I ever bought. Well I busted them out today after a couple years of non use, but the fake pleather peeled off the heel and the tongue of the shoes. It looks awful! Not to mention, some sticky residue stuck to the back of my heels from where that leather was. AND the PUMA logo inside, right under my heel, STAINED my brand new socks teal. SHOE FAIL. I've decided to give them away. I'm really annoyed, because after having these shoes for several years, I only wore them a handful of times for a few hours. Wore them all day once (maybe the 95 degree heat did them in) and my 70 dollar sneakers are trash. BOO.

Shoes: Puma. Avoid all fake leather on shoes in future
Khakis: Kohls
Top: Kohls
Necklace: Not sure...
Earrings: NY&Co

FRIDAY (today)
Flats: Charlotte Russe. Bottoms of one cracked in half. Gonna trash soon =(
Dress: Some random store in Sienna, Italy
Leaf earrings: Ten Thousand Villages (A fair trade boutique)

August 21, 2012

Seeing green

Me and a couple other of my coworkers remarked this morning how when getting dressed, we realized we all were wearing green yesterday too...and said oh well!

I don't usually wear skirts to work, and I almost felt overdressed this morning, but then looking at that baggy shirt I wore yesterday, I'm not surprised.

Flats: Target (online only!)
Skirt: Gordmans
Shirt:Express via Platos Closet
Watch: Target

I really really like this watch. A little bit blingy, white and goes with everything.
Unfortunately, the strap (faux leather) hasn't even lasted a year. I bought it last winter.. The
strap holder thingies both came off. The band is cracking. How sad. It was less than $15
I'm pretty sure, but can't find another to replace it. Even so the strap is junk and won't last.
But who would spend money on a $$$ watch when some 6 year old is just going to
end up getting paint /glue/snot all over it anyways? Sigh.

August 20, 2012

Another t-shirt?

Um...  in my defense these our the school shirts and we were told to wear them today for the first day. For the record, I designed an AWESOME looking shirt. I spend weeks designing and talking back and forth with PTO members. I was sure we were getting my design up until a week ago. Then the shirts came in and this showed up. For the record, this is NOT my awesome shirt. I cringe at the typeface, the giant pony, and the BRIGHT YELLOW.  Sorry, I'll stop screaming in all caps now...

Bonus points for photo in the classroom? But seriously, is this what I look like all the time? I look terrible.

Today, August 20th

Sneakers: Sears
Khakis: Kohls
T-shirt: Work uniform

Day One: T-shirt?

Ok, so, this is what I wore to work to start setting up my classroom. My attempt to "style" this outfit was my cute earrings. Gotta start somewhere?? Besides, I had to move furniture and such. No point in dressing up for that!

August 15th:

Pants: NY&CO
Earrings: Charming Charlie (clearance for $3!)