December 20, 2012

Blizzard Thursday

Jeans: Kohls
Sweater:Kohls or JCP?
Headband: H&M maybe?
Neclace: Not sure

Brrrr It's cold in here. The blizzard is hitting here in central IL. I'm glad I'm finally home from work and settled in for the night! This headband really made this sweater alot more cute. Sorry I can't really remember where it's from!

December 19, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

This week is actually spirit week at school. Monday was colors day, where each grade wore a different color. I couldn't really do that one since I see everybody and I'm not really one grade. Tuesday was sports day/favorite team day, and this is as good as it gets for me:

Nothing noteworthy here. Jeans, college shirt, and shoes that are at least 9 years old. Go Illini!

Today was wacky wednesday. Hence, the reindeer on my head. Why not right? Everyone gave me compliments. The kids thought it was hilaaaaarious =p

Flats: Payless
Jeans: TJMaxx
Shirt: NY and Co
Reindeer Bun: a la pinterest

December 17, 2012

Meh Monday

Boots: Bergners
Skinnies: Love Culture
Tank: Old Navy

  Pants: Levis via TJMaxx,
Top: Banana Republic Outet
Sweater: Forever 21 via Platos Closet

The first pic is from when I was trying on clothes on Friday. I kinda love this tank, but decided not to get it because I didn't think it was quite right for work, but a little too flashy for normal weekend wear. I dunno, I'm trying to be a little bit more selective. But its so cute! Sigh. What do you think?

I'm not sure how I feel about this combo today for my outfit. Maybe if I was having a less haggard looking face today and my hair didn't look awful, I'd like the outfit better? (You can definitely see what I mean when you look at the dressing room pic, I look fine there!)  My face is looking all puffy and my eyes are squinty. I blame the poor lighting.

Maybe khakis would have been a better choice with the top, to bring out the beige in the top. These jeans, ugh. I know they aren't THAT short, but they seem like they are getting close to floods territory. Yikes. I knew I should have just worn regular flat flats, and not my sneakers. =/

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December 15, 2012

Wed Thurs Fri

Shoes: Sketchers
Pants: Kohls
Tank: NY&Co
Jersey Cardi: TJMaxx
Belt: Forever 21

I really am proud of myself for going that extra step to style this outfit with a belt. The extra pop of silver and that little knot in the belt just give this outfit a little something extra. Especially since the pants and jersey top are both black, it needed a little something to break all that up.

 Grey flats: Wet Seal
Pants: Kohls
Tank: Bergners
Cardigan: NY&Co

I really like this outfit, and particularly how I paired the matching bright green tank with the sweater. This is something I probably wouldn't even have done before. I would have thought the argyle had enough going on and would have put a plain white tank underneath (which I have done, and still looks good)

I'm starting to feel alot more adventerous and creative when it comes to pairing certain items together. Sure, to some, this is not really all that special, but for me, it show me coming out of the basic thinking box. Plus, I definitely am feeling inspired by all the other bloggers I've been following. Yay!

Boots: Bergners
Skinnies: LoveCulture
Earrings: Charming Charlies

I love all of these items. I was excited to be able to wear my boots again. It's been too cold for tights and I have to wait until friday to wear jeans. I mean, I guess not technically, since we have no officially dress code, but...

next week is "spirit week" aka teachers get to wear jeans all week! I can't wait to pair some of my more "casual" shirts with jeans for a cute polished yet more casual look.

Also, today after work I went to exchange a pair of flat at the mall for a different color. Somehow I came home with 5 pairs of shoes, 3 cardigans, 2 pairs of dress paints, a necklace, a nailpolish, and a jar of spices. (gosh it sounds like the 12 days of christmas song...) HAH! Ridiculous. But you see, I NEEDED those dress pants bad.They actually fit.Have you seen how much I'm swimming in my grey dress slacks? (Is it sacrilege to call it a Christmas miracle? I hate pants shopping)  And the necklace was only 3 dollars and the nailpolish was less than 2. And one pair of shoes was the exchange, and the second was literally 4 dollars, how do you say no to that!? And another pair was black flats for work becuase the current ones I have from walmart that were super cheap don't fit (too big). And I've been wanting nude pumps for a long long time now ( a wardrobe staple, no) and the red pair of heels are replacing the current pair i have which are more retro/cute than business/ polished little black dress type red shoes. And I may or may not have ordered a pair of brown flats online (free ship to store!)once I got home because payless only had a 7 and I needed a 6 1/2 and remember how I said I NEEDED a new pair of brown flats?......

Yeah, see how that all went down? That big long rambling justifying excuse? Whatever. The whole point of this blog was to  help inspire me to update my wardrobe to work and adult style clothing. Many of the things I got have been on my list of work essentials/replacement items anyways. I'm excited to have found so much stuff I've been looking for, and for great deals!

Maybe I'll post some photos...

December 11, 2012

Chilly Tuesday

 Flat: target online only
pants: Kohls
Tank: TJMaxx
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Love Culture

December 10, 2012

Case of the Mondays

Flats: Wet Seal
Pants: Kohls
Sweater: Banana Republic Outletz
Necklace: Etsy

Today was soooo blech. Monday. Cold. Yucky.Stressful and overwhelming. Teaching is SO not easy. I wish more people realize what hard work it is.Hating my hair lately. I'm getting the itch to flat iron the hell out of it because it's misbehaving again.

Diggin my necklace today. Pops out alot better with this outfit. Got a compliment on it. More color to come later in the week.

Also, I'm linking up with Molly on her blog!

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December 9, 2012

Weekend Wear

This weekend was full of celebrating. Three years with the boy, plus his birthday. Plus last week he got into grad school. We had a fancy dinner out. Here's what I wore:

Shoes: Black booties, Payless
Dress: H&M (recent)
Earrings: Pink Pearls, gift from bf

I wore a red pashmina out to the restaurant for when I got cold..forgot to take a picture of that too, but it brought a pop of color to the outfit since I'm pretty much in all black. And wouldn't you know it, NONE of my 15+ necklaces were the right length/ type of style to go with this dress. Phooey! Also, this dress looks awesome while standing up, but I'm afraid it's a little awkward to get in and out of a car in...

Here are some outfits from the past few days as well:

Shoes: Payless
Pants: Kohls
Top: Not sure?
Earrings: Charlotte Russe

Shoes: Walmart
Khakis: Kohls
Cardigan: NYand Co

I think I need to bury these shoes in the back of my closet until it's warm enough to wear them without socks. I REALLY need to remember that these look awful with Khaki pants. I need new dark brown flats. HMMM

 Jeans: TJMaxx, sadly, kinda floods now...
Sweater: Forever 21
Necklace: Can't remember

 Bedroom: Hot mess, compliments of doing laundry
Pants: Black pants via Kohls
Top: Banana Republic Outlet
Cardigan: Gap Outlet

December 3, 2012

Busy week

Last week was super busy. I did a three day art show ( I make handbound notebooks/journals/sketchbooks) at the mall last weekend and I worked every night after work until bedtime getting more books make and getting ready for the show.

So, I tried to remember to take pictures, but a few outfits fell through the cracks. Also, yay for bright yellow coats. SO.FUN. Ill start recent and go backwards.


Flats: Wet Seal
Skirt: H&M (runs really small, in my opinion)
Top: forever 21
Coat: Sears Jr. Dept
Necklace: Leather, handmade, off Etsy

Somehow that last photo keeps turning when I upload it, I can't get it to go the right way. Oh well. This skirt was a hit at work. I got several comments, some people asked if I made it (being the art teacher and all, since it looks "painted") A kindergarten student told me she thought I looked like a ballerina. My coworker at lunch came up behind me while I was at the microwave and exclaimed "look how tiny she is!"

My coworkers are always making comments about my tiny frame. The funny part is that this skirt fit really small. Maybe it's meant to be short and high waisted, but I couldn't even get my size zipped when it was way high at the smallest part of my waist. I had to go up 2 sizes to get it to fit what I thought was correctly.

Also, I LOVE my new necklace, but I think the specialness of it got lost with the skirt today. I'll have to try it again where it can stand out more.

Boots: Bergners
Skinny Jeans: Love Culture
Cardigan: Old Navy
Scarf: A mall in London

  Hello scarf. Also, thanks world for the awesome non frizzy hair day!

This is the outfit I wore Saturday during my art show. There are my books! I sell them online too at  There I am rockin the yellow coat. Don't mind the mess on my floor. Also, I LOVE the whole boots thing. And I also found a great pair of skinnies at the mall, this new store called LoveCulture. They also came with a nice brown belt. They are not plastered on so tight, they actually fit comfortably at the waist, but they are tight through the knee so they aren't all bunchy with boots. YAY!

 Jeans: SO via Kohls
Maroon Tank and Brown Cardi: Both H&M
Necklace: Forever 21
Purse: Burlington Coat Factory

This outfit screamed fall with all the brown. I think this one is also a winner. I'm a big fan. Now, if I paired it with skinnies and my brown boots....ahhh yes. Must try it!

 Sneakers: Sketchers
Pants: Kohls
Top: Banana Republic Outlet
Cardigan: JCPenney
Necklace: NY and CO

This outfit seems a little big/too flowy. Kinda looks too baggy. Maybe I need to belt it? Although I feel like this long cardigan looks weird with a belt because the long bits point/bunch weirdly.

Also, that's my "I need to put my hair up but don't have a hairtie" solution I do all. the.time. at work. It's kinda reminiscent of the whole hair chopsticks thing. The kiddos really get a kick out of it. Miss V, there's a pencil in your hair! ( Yes I know, I put it there thanks. Hah)

Sneakers: Sketchers
Pants: Kohls
Top: H&M I think
Scarf: TJmaxx
Ring: Target

 Love love love everything about this. Stripes. Great fit. Bold pop of color. Hair out of my face. Scarf all nice and cozy.

Sneakers: Sketchers
Pants: Kohls
Sweater: Forever 21
Necklace: NY and Co

And there we have it. I really like all of these outfits alot! Also, I have been doing pretty good and wearing my hair's really been cooperating lately. Woot for nice curls and good outfits!

Also, linking up with Molly for YOLO Mondays. Love her!  Leave a comment please! I'd love some feedback!!