November 21, 2012

Short work week!

It's almost turkey day! Gobble Gobble.

Tuesday I just didn't care about being super fashionable, I just wanted to be cozy and comfy and you can't turn down an opportunity to wear jeans to work, right? Here's my outfits from Monday and Tuesday.

Flats: Target online only
Pants: Kohls
Top: H&M in London
Tank: super cheap from Forever 21!
Necklace: NYand Co

Shoes: Sketchers
Jeans: SO brand via Kohls
Sweater: Gap, old
Ugly hairdo: compliments of being too lazy to care

November 15, 2012

Forgot the accessories!

Tank and Sweater: Forever 21
Flats: Target

In my rush this morning, I had the necklace I wanted to wear all laid out with my outfit on the bed, but I forgot to put it on! And, I think it kinda really made the outfit! How sad. Prolly should have taken a photo with it on when I got home, but alas. Too tired, too dark out and not in the mood. Sorry!

November 14, 2012

Undecided about wool sweaters and pink polish.

Boots: Bergners, new, $30
Leggings and Dress: somewhere in Italy

 I really like this sweater,  only its totally scratchy at the neckline. Of course, since I got it in Italy, I just suck it up because its sentimental...and cute. Loving my new boots! Wore them for the first time today! Painted my nails last night,  and I dunno,I'm so undecided about this pink. In some light it looks really nice, and other times I feel like its still too bright of a pink. I'm looking for a really really pale dusty pink. I think it photographed lighter than it really is. Here I have Essies Good Morning Hope, and then I layered over a Sinful colors previously thought to be fugly pink on top (which I like much better now)

 The last photo is in natural light. See what I mean about the pinkness? Hmmmmm. Ignore that I didn't do any post painting clean up in these photos, and my ugly cuticles.

November 13, 2012

Deal of the Day


Pants: Kohls
Sweater: no idea
Scarf: a mall in london

Today's outfit pics brought to you from home, as there was NO time at work and forgot at the end of the day.

This weekend I did awesome shopping-aka, found some great long sought after items!

I saw this Miche purse a while back and kind of fell in love with it. I really liked the detailing of it. But it was a little bigger than I like, and so was the price. I've been searching for a new purse, and found the winner. This beauty is from Burlington coat factory and only cost me 25 bucks. Woo!

Miche, around $120-130 ish
Burlington Coat Factory $25

Also, my brown boot soul mates have arrived! I found you, you little stinkers! Hiding so cleverly until Bergners had a crazy sale and you only cost 30 dollars. YAAAAAY! They fit all my needs- no big heels, dark brown, zipper required, not tooo many crazy buckles. Fit like a dream. Yes!

November 10, 2012

This outfit is a winner

Boots: Gordmans (recent)
Dress: Charlotte Russe (recent, clearance)
Cardigan: Gap Outlet
Ring: Georgetown Jewelers (was my class ring substitute)

I can't even tell you how much I am IN LOVE with this dress. I'm so glad I popped into Charlotte Russe on impulse. I really went in to check out their flats, but the clearance rack was right there. The bright colors caught my eye, and the cut of the back had me SOLD. And when it rang up at the register, it was even cheaper than the already marked down tag. It came to 8 something with the tax. EIGHT DOLLARS! Ok, sorry, I'll calm down now.

The front has a very good built in cup bra that allows for such a low cut back. It's a very flattering bodice. I got compliments on this outfit too. Definitely a winner. I'm a little concerned about summer's a bit shorter than I'm totally comfortable with. I'll probably definitely be sporting some spandex shorts underneath.

Yay awesome outfit. And the good hair day. Always a nice bonus.

November 8, 2012

Eh sweater and ugly nail polish

Same old sketchers
Pants: Kohls
Sweater: No clue, really old

I'm so eh about this sweater. It just is so old and it feels...not cute? I have it in three colors. I accidentally dried these a few times during the first washes, and they shrank, and have always been a little shrunk/short because of it (they were supposed to line dry)

I feel like I have to tug at them all day long when I wear them. I'm considering just ditching it, but I kinda like the red sweater with dark jeans look... do I need a new updated sweater? Hmm.

Also, I feel weird about wearing a necklace with this. Maybe it's because I feel like the fabric is kinda casual and the necklaces I have don't "go".

Does anyone else ever have problems with outfits because you feel like the fabrics "don't go together" I wish people read this blog and I could get some feedback. Sigh. Oh well.

Also, is it just me, or is this weird purple grey nail polish color kinda fugly? I think it's supposed to be trendy but I think I kinda don't like it. I was also in a rush and did a totally crap job on it. Sheesh. Maybe with the right outfit and nicely painted it would look ok?. Hmm.

Essie: light color is Merino Cool,
dark color is Essie with no label,
but brown looking in the bottle (gifts)

Also, I was interviewed today at work and it will be on the news, and my outfit looks like crap. I just don't think this sweater and these pants work together. Am I totally crazy? Why couldnt I be having an awesome outfit day? Dang.

November 7, 2012

The three dollar shirt

 Shoes: Sketchers
Pants: JCPenney
Top: Forever21 via Platos Closet, brand new
Cardigan: TJ Maxx

I got THREE compliments on my three dollar shirt today. What's up with that? I kind of don't even love it that much, I feel like it's kinda too poofy and a little too big, but jeez, for three bucks at Plato's closet I just threw it in with the rest of my purchase, cuz why not right? I like the color and the fabric, and the neckline, but I'm not sold on the scrunchy bottom or poofy/too bigness of it. Hmm

November 6, 2012

Break out the boots

Boots: Gordmans (recent, $20)
Tights: Promod, in Italy
Dress: Kohls
Earrings: old white elephant gift
ugly name badge accessory: work

I have been searching SEARCHING for a pair of brown leather boots to no avail. Either they are too cowboy, or dont have a side zipper (a must for me) or have too many buckles, or have weird creasy folds, or don't have a flat heel (another must) or are the wrong shade of brown, of the calf is way waaaay too huge, or they are awesome and then they are super uncomfortable or pinching the back of my ankle or something else stupid.

I swung through Gordmans the other day, and I saw these and I've been wanting black boots too and for the price I couldn't pass them up. They have a half way middle zipper, and the criss cross accent is a little janky across where the zipper cuts through it, but it's on the inside of the boot and you can't really see that part either. Also, I liked that the buckles were silver! They also came in gray and I believe tan. And super comfy.

Now if only I could find my elusive brown boot match. Sigh.

My hair looks a lot better than I thought it did, which is a nice surprise looking back at these. I think a nice pop of color in the tights next time will be a fun change, the black blends into the boots a bit too much.

I linked this outfit in a link up over on  Check it out for more "cozy knit" outfits =)

November 5, 2012

Weekend Conference

Shoes: Handpainted by moi
Pants: Levis via TJMaxx
Top: H&M
Necklace: Charming Charlie

This weekend I was away at an art teacher conference, so I wore my Starry Night shoes. hee hee. Also, the pants were perfect length when I bought them, just grazing the floor. They shrank ALOT. Like, with regular sneaker shoes they were practically floods. Really sad. These are now either boots only or flats only pants. These shoes were soo flat they were ok... But you've been warned people. Or maybe just all jeans without stretch in them do this and I just haven't realized it because all my pants for years have had some stretch? Who knows.

Khakis: Kohls
Top: American Eagle via Platos Closet.

Is black shoes and khakis a serious fashion no no? I feel like it is. I think it's the black brown thing. But I seriously have no good brown shoes. UGH.


Pants: Kohls
Cardigan: JC Penney
Top: really old, not sure
Belt: NY &Co

Well, the maroon shirt comes off a lot darker in the first photo... I like this sweater belted.  =) Seeing this now...maybe a bit toooo dark of an outfit.