September 24, 2012

Man, this shirt is itchy

Grey pants: TBA brand via Kohls
Top: JcPenney
Cardigan: Old navy
Earrings: NY and Co

I do like this shirt, but man, something is up with the seam on the shoulders of this thing. I even took it off and looked over it carefully, but didn't see the problem. But it is definitely pokey, itchy, and in general scratchy, but only right on that seam. Hmmmm. It also seems to make my chest look weird, now that I look at the photos. I think I might get rid of this one.

I like the pop of color from the sweater, but honestly the puffy-ish sleeves of my shirt made it awkward. I only wore the sweater for an hour during lunch, since it was cold. Oh well!

Fun Friday

Flats: Target (online only)
Jeans: Levi, Slightly Curvy Boot cut, Tjmaxx
3/4 Cotton Top: Gap
Necklace: The Icing

These jeans I picked up at TJMaxx for about half their retail price, since they only cost me 20 bucks. I like that they are such a dark wash, they are the perfect length, my butt looks decent in them, they don't show your buttcrack when you bend down, and they are not skin tight. In this picture they look a little too loose through the thigh but I figure a good high temp dryer will take care of that. I know I know, I should have washed them before wearing them. Oh well.

The necklace is new, and I still just love those cheetah shoes! Yay! No fashionless Friday this week!

September 19, 2012

Half day in Heels

Shoes: Comfort Plus pumps from Payless
Pants: TBA via Kohls
Top: H&M in London
Necklace: Gift from boyfriend via Etsy

Well, I was going to wear a skirt today, but the top didn't look right with a skirt. Plus I was feeling cold again. So pants it is. I feel like this shirt is just a tad tooo big and drape-y, and it falls of my shoulders alot which is quite annoying. I'm considering having it taylored and taken in a little at the top of the shoulders. I wonder how much something like that costs?

Today was also a half day at school and I have been itching to try out my new pumps, but am not crazy enough to wear heels on a full day of school. But these are supposed to be super comfy, so I wanted to test out their longevity. They have a little bit of squishy memory type foam in them, and they felt good. THe only thing is, the weird seam on the side of the shoe, rubbed alot on the arch of my left foot and was giving me a blister. And my pinky toe was rubbing a bit. Otherwise they were great. I wonder if nylons,trouser socks, etc, and just breaking them in more will fix this problem? Hmmm.

September 18, 2012

Brr, it's cold!

Pants: TBA brand via Kohls
White top: JC Penney?
Red Sweater: Forever 21 via Platos Closet
Necklace: Gift (from the XXI accessories store)
Ring: Made it myself

Well, I had originally picked out a different outfit to wear today, but when I woke up cold and was cocooned all up in my blankets and not wanting to get out of bed, I knew the short sleeves I picked out wasn't going to cut it. When I drove to work it was 48. FORTY EIGHT! Yes, I wore my peacoat, and I'm not ashamed to say so.

Anywho, something about the white top with this sweater with black pants felt off to me. With jeans yes. The black pants made me feel like the white cotton shirt just wasn't right. Oh well! I got a compliment on the necklace today. The funny thing is, I never would have picked it out myself in the store when I had gotten it, but now it's one of my favs and I look for big chunky necklaces like that all the time.

Also, my ring I made as an art student in college in my metals class while studying abroad in Italy. I used the lost wax casting process. Yeah, I'm cool like that. Haha!

September 17, 2012

Monday Funday

Pants: Kohls TBA Brand
Top: New York and Co via Platos Closet
Necklace: Murano glass a la Italy

Ahem. Sorry. I mean uh, wow, look how nice my hair is in this photo!

Hmm, lookin a little, uh, w i d e in that first photo. I think I like the middle photo better than my current fb profile pic. Man I look awesome there. (Sorry, gotta toot my own horn when I don't look awful in a picture, haha!)

I call this top my "art teacher shirt" because I just love the watercolor-y painted look of it. The weather is finally cooling off, and it's become pants acceptable weather. Aka, I won't melt to death in pants. Which is good, because I was running out of skirts. Although, I tend to wear plain black pants ALOT, so the lack of variety is not very exciting. I'm hoping I can get some more wear out of the skirts by pairing them with tights or leggings. We shall see.

Weekend Wear

Jeans: SO from Kohls
Top: New, from Kohls
Tank underneath: Some store in Italy

Oh yes, rockin the sock bun again. I LOVE the sock bun. I'm a little obsessed now!

I got one of those "here's a free ten dollars" to Kohls cards for their anniversary. I got several last year when they had new stores "re-opening" in my area. I bought the plaid shirt, which was on sale for $20, so I only paid ten bucks for it (originally 36! total rip off at regular price, in my opinion!)

I wore this outfit to go to the Pumpkin Festival. It was a cool day, in my plaid, eating pumpkin pancakes with country music in the background. Life is good!

September 14, 2012


I deem Friday fashionless friday now, as I'll mostly be wearing school t-shirts on fridays. Doot de doo. This light pink version shrank too much in the wash, and didn't fit my co-worker anymore, so she just gave it to me. Free is always a good thing.

Shoes: Sketchers
Jeans: So via Kohls
Tee: Free via work
Hoop earrings: Claires/Icing etc.

Summer has left the building

Sandals: Shoe Carnival
Skirt: Old Navy
Top: Kohls

So, I never really thought my weight fluxuated very much, because my clothes always fit the same. Summer seems to make me realize that this is not the case, because my shorts, and some skirts, are just TOO big. I have not made any effort to loose weight, it just happened. As as you can tell from the photos, it's not like I need to loose any. Needless to say, the random weight loss is kinda annoying, when your clothes don't fit right. I had to cinch in the skirt using the ribbon ties. I'm not sure if I should just get rid of it, or save it because I still kinda like it. Although its a little "spring" esque...makes me feel like Easter, and not very business-y.

The other ironic thing about how spring/summer and cheery this outfit is, is that despite the forecasted 82 degree high, the temp plummeted into the low 60s and it started raining in the afternoon. Isn't it funny how "cold" 60's feel after summer?

September 12, 2012

Photo Happy cuz I love my skirt, Wednesday

Leopard Flats: Target (online only)
Skirt: A store in London I can't remember
Tank Top: Forever 21
Necklace: Not Sure

My favorite thing about this skirt is the laceyness of it, and how it sticks out just a little bit farther than the lining. The bonus is that the lace is actually SO super soft, and not scratchy like I find most lace to be. I got a couple more compliments today, on my shoes and outfit. I must be doing something right, right?

I feel like I got a little photo happy, but I wanted to show off the detail of this skirt, and I took these phtos at home so I was able to get some good pics of my sock bun. Yay!

September 11, 2012

Patriot Day

Sneakers: Sketchers
Jeans: Kohls Juniors Dept
Top: Banana Republic Outlet
Necklace: really old


Today was Patriot Day and everyone was encouraged to wear red white and blue. On a brighter note, I got many compliments on this shirt today. It's a winner. Minus that when I bend over, I'm flashing kids (their work tables are low!) So, I had to hold my hand up to my chest everytime I leaned over to hold my shirt in place. Next time, I'll wear a tank top underneath.

September 10, 2012

Monday Funday

Shoes: Walmart
Skirt: Forever 21
Shirt: Some store in Italy

Yet another glowing picture I'd be willing to make my profile picture on facebook. Woot! Hah, like my glue poster in the background? =p

This skirt is a little crayzay. It has this extra ruffle, but it's got a slit all the way up to the waistband. Most of the time it overlaps itself and doesn't open up, but as a teacher, especially one who crouches alot, you can never be too careful, so I wore cropped leggings under it!

Though I'm kinda sentimental about this shirt since I bought it while studying abroad, it is rather stiff and fits a little loose. (I weighed about 15 lbs heavier when I got it, having been gorging myself on wine and pasta for 3 months...) Hmm. Maybe this one will get taken out of rotation for now.

Also, I've decided to test the waters and introduce my little blog to the world and join a link up. If you found me, I'd love any comments or feedback!

The link up is from Still Being [Molly]

Weekend Weather

Oooh fall has whispered hello to us this weekend. Nice and cool. I LOVED putting on jeans and a long sleeve shirt. Extra bonus was returning to an old church, loving the service, and having some awesome fellowship out at lunch with friends. Doesn't hurt that my hair was rockin out with it's bad curly self either.

Jeans: Old Navy
Top: "Penneys" in Ireland

September 8, 2012

Spirit Wear

Friday is spirit wear day at work. So this is one of my school t-shirts. It was cold and rainy and dark and dreary when I woke up and I didn't really care that I was in a t-shirt. There. I said it!

The best part of this honestly had to be my hair, I tried a sock bun for the first time and it turned out nice. Can't tell from the front, and didn't have a mirror and couldn't get a good shot of the back by myself to save my life. Oh well!

Shoes: Walmart, really old
Capris: NY and Co
Shirt: Work

September 6, 2012

I got my new shoes on

I think that's a line from a song, no? Anywho.

A day in the life of a elementary school teacher. I had to run clear across the playground while on recess duty today because a kid had already pulled about 10 feet of that street tar straight up out of the blacktop, and didn't show signs of stopping. Yep. never a dull moment.

On a different note, I feel like my legs always look weird. What's up with my veiny ankles? Also, I was pleasantly surprised by these flats. Yes, they rubbed a little in the heel and I wore a bandaid, but they are new so I'm not surprised there. Otherwise, pretty comfy.  My hair is back to it's wild natural can't be tamed self. See that piece stickin out all cuckoo? Heh.

Flats: Walmart
Capris: Burlington Coat Factory
Top: Banana Republic Outlet
Earrings: Not sure
Ring: Gift from boyfriend via etsy

September 5, 2012

Kinda Casual

While I like these shorts, and these shoes, these Pumas are flaking much like the other dreaded white Pumas. I've had them since my high school graduation (9 years ago, wait, what?). Maybe its time they move on to a new home and I buy new shoes. I look like I should be out on a picnic or something.

In other news, I like this sparkly top coat stuff that I got this summer. It changes color in the light. I'm really into doing my nails, I'll probably also document that here now too.

Pumas: Gift. Way Old.
Shorts: JCPenney
Shirt: Kohls

Nubar on top of Black. Nubar bought off

September 4, 2012

Seeing stripes

I got a couple of comments today that I looked cute. The p.e. teacher said my shirt made him go crosseyed. Hah.

Oooh yeah, check out that straight hair. Haven't straightened it more than a few times since last May. Kinda used to seeing myself with curly/crazy hair now, so it looks kinda funny now when it's straight. =p Definitely feels pretty though. Did surprisingly well in the high humidity too.

Shoes: Black Flats from Walmart
Pencil Skirt: Gordmans
Top: Banana Republic Outlet
Earrings: Fake Pearls, Claires