August 26, 2014

New year, fresh inspiration

Now, I know it's August, and it's not a new year in the calendar sense, but as a teacher, new year means school year. A friend of mine from work and I went outlet mall shopping over the weekend and the topic of my blog came up. I showed her some of my old outfits (ones I never wore last year) and she told me I totally need to do the blog again if it helped me feel inspired because my outfits were super cute. (Aww, shucks)

Soooo... here we are. I still can't figure out a convenient photo snapping location here in my new(ish) apartment, and of course yesterday it was stormy out and my place had terrible lighting. Ohhhh well.

Today alot of people commented that my outfit matched so much!, and I can't decide if that's a good thing or means it's toooo matchy matchy. Ya know what I mean? I also got two compliments on my necklace, with one of my coworkers saying I always have the best necklaces.

So,  I have do say, maybe this whole, getting back into the blog and going back to putting more thought into my outfits is not such a bad idea....

Wow, that was a pretty terrible run on sentence, eh?

Take no mind of the smudges that won't come off the mirror...

 Flats: H&M
Skirt: Gordmans
Tank: NY&CO Outlet

 Pants: Bergners
Tank: Old Navy Outlet
Necklace: Custom via etsy

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