July 4, 2013

Festive Fourth

I can be cute when I wanna. Since I had this hanging in the closet, and it's the fourth of July and all, I figured, might as well! Plus, I will be in public later watching the fireworks, so there is reason to put in more effort than when I usually wear my pajamas most of the day. I mean, uh.. erm..heh heh

So I thought I'd try this two slightly different ways, red hoop earrings, nude lips or no earrings, red lips. I look nice without the lipstick, but in the photos, red lips wins, dontcha think?

Flats: Kohls
Dress and Belt: Forever 21
Red hoops: sorry, no idea
Red lipstick: Revlon blackberry with ELF matte rich red on top

 Most bloggers can attest, that while taking pictures of yourself, you inevitably get a bunch where you are making stupid faces (which you delete) but I had to include this one because I can't help but laugh because my expression is so "b****, please" Haha!

1 comment:

  1. Very adorable outfit--I love the red accessories! And I hear ya on the pajamas thing... :)