July 2, 2013

Low maintenance

Totally haven't been updating, but I totally don't care. I've reverted back to lazy mode, aka most days I don't even leave the house, so what's the point in trying? Haha. Shame really, I've got cute stuff, but what's the point of wearing it just to sit on the couch all day? (man, sorry to ya'll with regular jobs, I sound like the laziest bum ever)

Most days it's shorts and a simple tank or shirt, my hair up, no jewelry, no makeup, no shoes. Other days I put a little effort in... see below. =)

Flats: H&M
Shorts: JCP
Top: Target
Necklace: Body Central

What the heck is up with my toes??
Shorts and tee: Kohls
Shades: NY&Co.

 Everybody look to the left...everybody look to the right...

 Essie Fiji
No name polish...well, "Body Central" brand from the mall...

That metallic polish I last posted, STAINED my nails like none other. The dark blue was the worst, and the green, made my nails a pretty gross shade of yellow. And that's WITH a basecoat. Yikes.

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