October 16, 2013

Brain dump

Confession. I'm in a slump. A funk. I don't know what. Everything has been a whirlwind and I feel like my life is completely unproductive lately. I got engaged. I moved. I started a new job. I'm planning a wedding. I've been in my new apartment for three months.. THREE. And my stupid pictures are still sitting in boxes on my living room floor. To me, this is completely aggravating.

I'm not comfortable here yet. Not in my new place, not in my new job, not in my new town. I complain in my head about minor things, like the post office not being conveniently a mile away. The groceries are more expensive and I can't deal and get over it so I shop at walmart instead, but I kind of hate walmart, and it is seriously the ONLY walmart anywhere that does not have the same (or even flip flopped) layout. It's layout is completely stupid. ( see where I'm going with this..the list goes on and on) I complain in my head alot. But this also makes me mad, because I have a lot to be thankful for. I finally got a job in the burbs like I had been wanting. Yes, my apartment is pretty dang nice and I really do like it. I am engaged! (The best one of them all) Yet I keep complaining in my head about life's little annoyances.

The start of the school year is so grueling because yes, I DO enjoy my free time in the summer and I'm just damn exhausted after 8 hours on my feet with kiddos in the art room. I can't get anything done at home because I'm tired. 

And, well, I'm sucked into wedding planing 12,000%, NO JOKE. 

Gone are the days of the comfort of three years at the same job, four years in the same town, same apartment, same daily life. I had my routine, I had it down pat, and yes I was exhausted but I had...time. I had hobbies, I had my friends.  I was posting on my blog here basically every day. I thought I couldn't wait to get out of there(this is NOT my forever town/home/job, I would tell myself), but I was comfortable and happy, and, well.... starting over is damn hard. I need to get it together over here.

If you read all that or skipped over it, here's an old outfit from warmer days earlier this fall.

Flats: Payless
Pants: Burlington Coat Factory
Top: H&M

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  1. Hey - I hope you get out of your slump soon! I know that teaching can be super exhausting sometimes, and can really suck the life out of you!