October 29, 2014

Stitch Fix Fiasco

Bloggers everywhere have been talking up a storm about (how awesome) stitch fix is. A gave it a whirl.

Here's my review:

Here's what came in my box:

The note from the stylist said "I know you like color, I think the purple will look great on you"

Color? Hmm. Looks pretty darn bland to me....

Tulle's Abril Notch Collar Double Breasted Peacoat: $98

I specifically requested a skirted coat. I said in my notes specifically I had been searching for a skirted coat for a long time and if by chance they had any I wanted one. I got a regular peacoat. 

Pros: Fits well, good price for a coat

Cons: Not very heavy/warm, NOT what I very specifically asked for, ugly buttons ( I hate gold on this, it just doesn't match, IMO)

Verdict: RETURN

Daniel Rainn's Bilson Pleat Detail Tunic: $74

Pros: I like the stud style buttons

Cons: If barf  was purple, this is what shade of purple it would be.

I don't like the button style sleeves when it's all bunchy and saggy. You can't even unbutton them because the sleeve would hit just above my wrist. Weird.

I specified in my style profile that I like fitted tops. I specifically said in my notes that I like sweater dresses but they must be form fitted or belted, because I hate anything baggy that looks like I'm wearing a garbage bag. This shirts fits like a garbage bag would.

Verdict: RETURN

Liverpool's Anita Ponte Pant: $78

Pros: The material is soft and comfy

Cons: Way too long, way too thin. You can find an almost exact dupe of pants like these at Charlotte Russe for about $20

I specifically asked for bottoms like pencil skirts or floral skirts, and they sent me purple pants instead

Verdict: RETURN

Gilli's Gaston Long Sleeve Plaid Skirt 2fer Dress: $68
Pros: The material on the top half is soft and comfy

Cons: Describing this as long sleeve is a lie.

I specifically asked for a plaid shirt in my notes. I specifically asked for a navy sweater dress. They sent this instead.

This is so thin, you can see through the fabric, and the entire outline of my bra

The fabric on the skirt is weird and rough

I dislike the hashmark line style of plaid, and beige plaid in general. I prefer solid lined plaid.

It is too short. 

Overall the weight and shortness makes this more "summery" but is obviously winter color and pattern. Even if I wore tights and boots with this, I'd freeze.

Verdict: RETURN

 Bay to Baubles Fitz Flower Gem Statement Necklace: $28

 Pros: .......

Cons: In my style profile I said I prefer silver jewelry tones. Then I specifically stated in my notes that I am very cheap when it comes to accessories and jewelry, so please don't bother.

They must have thought I was saying I love cheap jewelry, because this looks like a cheap piece of junk. (Sorry, I'm trying really hard not to be tooooo ranty... but I can't help it.

Seriously. You can get something like this from F21 for 8 or 10 bucks. Why would anyone pay 28 for this?

Verdict: RETURN

I am SO seriously upset about this being a total bust. One because I feel like my stylist did NOT listen to me or my preferences, and two  they blatantly ignored most of my price preferences. I requested "the cheaper the better" for everything except for dresses and outerwear, because I was willing to spend more on a substantial item like a coat or nice dress. I wanted to get a nice quality knit dress, and they sent me the thinnest flimsiest dress, so it didn't really fit what I was expecting.

In my notes, I practically begged them to find me affordable items. I even said I know most items average $55, pretty pretty please find me some affordable diamonds in the rough.

The stylist specifically mentioned in her note, I kept in mind your budget but didnt want you to mis out on fun styles. What in the world? So even though I begged them to keep it as affordable as possible, they send me $78 pants and a $74 top. I have to let the cost of the dress slide because I did select the 50-100 range (thinking I was getting a bulky sweater dress)

Just ugh. Everything was so off base. There was the tiniest hint they read what I wanted ( a coat, plaid) but missed the mark. My pinterest board looks like a rainbow and the whole box is dark drab colors.  I would have much preferred a piece of clothing with the pattern that came printed on the box, for goodness sake.

I just felt like it was a waste of money. I can't decide if I should leave a ton of feedback and fire off a ranting email to customer service and try again, or just forget about the whole thing.

I'm already on a strict clothing budget and I don't want to throw another $20 out the window for a stylist to ignore what I say and get another box full of reject items. Blergh.

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