November 1, 2014

3 Autumn Colors

Pants: NY&Co Pull on Pant
Tank: Not sure, old navy or F21
Cardi: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: gift

Hair is so. long. Seeeriously.  On a hair note, I thought the protein treatment worked great on my curls, but maybe it was that I also styled it slightly different a few times. Then suddenly it seemed really dry (uh oh), and I realized I also kind of straightened it more than usual in the two weeks following the protein treatment(s),so that could also have not helped matters,  and so I've been doing some deep  moisture treatments. Overall I don't feel like it's doing much better than before. I just have such a love hate thing going. Mostly hate lately. =(

Just ugh. Maybe it was the water in my old city that made it look better. (My hair has gone downhill since moving) There were some serious mineral deposits in the water  in P-town but maybe that was a good thing for my hair. Who knows. I feel like it also doesn't help I have it so long.

I'm seeeeeriously itching to chop it all off. CHOP CHOP. But you know, long hair is like a security blanket. And I'm scared. Just kidding. Or not.

Also, I feel like giving up on being so devoted to being "curly girl", but I feel kind of guilty. I had really embraced my curl for quite some time, but I feel like a traitor if I decide to be over it and cut it and wear it (mostly) straight for a while. Is that really that bad though? Decisions decisions...

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