November 29, 2014

Stitch Fix, Strike Two, You're Out

So, I did decide to email Stitch Fix, and tell them how frustrated I was they didn't listen to my requests. So they graciously offered me a credit for a new fix (the styling fee) and scheduled it for the next week. Hurrah! Well, not so much. They failed again, and it was all the more maddening because I had stressed SO MUCH how I wanted fitted tops, they didn't listen to my style profile, didn't listen to my notes, etc. And they send me more huge not fitted top, with tab sleeves which I specifically said NO MORE. I also said please please no dry clean only. So they sent me huge tops, two with tab sleeves, and a dry clean only shirt. It's like you WANT to piss me off? The only thing they did right was they sent items within my requested price point.

I emailed them again and they could only say "so sorry, if you try again now we really know what doesn't work for you!" Yeah RIGHT. I refuse to give you another try because you clearly do not know what you are doing over there.

UGH. Here's what they sent:

Yep, huge sweater FAIL. I also said please no solid colors unless it has a cable knit.( I wanted something with a pattern)

 Not only is this a huge tunic, but it also has tab sleeves. TWO STRIKES. Weird ugly mesh, strike three

 Huge shirt number three, again with tab sleeves.

 Actually really liked the color and style of this, but again, it's definitely too big. Oh, and it's dry clean only.

Out of the box I liked this, it's my favorite color and soft, but it's schlumpy and baggy.

If all the items had been more like the orange and teal shirts, I wouldn't have been mad. But the fact that I still got three huge baggy tops, two had tab sleeves..I mean COME ON.

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