August 28, 2012

Tons of Accessories Not Necessary

Something about this hot weather is making me really minimalistic, despite trying to "style" and accessorize my outfits more. And this skirt just didn't need a belt or anything. And scarf, are you insane, my classroom is 100 degrees! I think the earrings were big enough to warrant not wearing a necklace as

Please ignore the ugly mirror streaks. I tried everything, they won't go away.

Shoes: Same black sketchers as before even though I'm in socks
Skirt: Custom made while I was in Africa
Shirt: Kohls
Earrings: Claires maybe? Long time ago
Ring: Georgetown Jewelers

This ring served as my "class ring substitute" My family ((grandparents, now uncles) own a jewelry store, and my grandfather didn't let his kids get class rings because he said they were junk, but could get any item from the store for equal value. My parents gave us the same choice, to pick any piece of jewelry if we wanted to not get a class ring. I think class rings are ugly, so I got this trillion cut blue topaz that had a couple teeny diamonds on the side.  I still wear it at not many people can probably say that of their class ring!

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