August 21, 2012

Seeing green

Me and a couple other of my coworkers remarked this morning how when getting dressed, we realized we all were wearing green yesterday too...and said oh well!

I don't usually wear skirts to work, and I almost felt overdressed this morning, but then looking at that baggy shirt I wore yesterday, I'm not surprised.

Flats: Target (online only!)
Skirt: Gordmans
Shirt:Express via Platos Closet
Watch: Target

I really really like this watch. A little bit blingy, white and goes with everything.
Unfortunately, the strap (faux leather) hasn't even lasted a year. I bought it last winter.. The
strap holder thingies both came off. The band is cracking. How sad. It was less than $15
I'm pretty sure, but can't find another to replace it. Even so the strap is junk and won't last.
But who would spend money on a $$$ watch when some 6 year old is just going to
end up getting paint /glue/snot all over it anyways? Sigh.

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