December 15, 2012

Wed Thurs Fri

Shoes: Sketchers
Pants: Kohls
Tank: NY&Co
Jersey Cardi: TJMaxx
Belt: Forever 21

I really am proud of myself for going that extra step to style this outfit with a belt. The extra pop of silver and that little knot in the belt just give this outfit a little something extra. Especially since the pants and jersey top are both black, it needed a little something to break all that up.

 Grey flats: Wet Seal
Pants: Kohls
Tank: Bergners
Cardigan: NY&Co

I really like this outfit, and particularly how I paired the matching bright green tank with the sweater. This is something I probably wouldn't even have done before. I would have thought the argyle had enough going on and would have put a plain white tank underneath (which I have done, and still looks good)

I'm starting to feel alot more adventerous and creative when it comes to pairing certain items together. Sure, to some, this is not really all that special, but for me, it show me coming out of the basic thinking box. Plus, I definitely am feeling inspired by all the other bloggers I've been following. Yay!

Boots: Bergners
Skinnies: LoveCulture
Earrings: Charming Charlies

I love all of these items. I was excited to be able to wear my boots again. It's been too cold for tights and I have to wait until friday to wear jeans. I mean, I guess not technically, since we have no officially dress code, but...

next week is "spirit week" aka teachers get to wear jeans all week! I can't wait to pair some of my more "casual" shirts with jeans for a cute polished yet more casual look.

Also, today after work I went to exchange a pair of flat at the mall for a different color. Somehow I came home with 5 pairs of shoes, 3 cardigans, 2 pairs of dress paints, a necklace, a nailpolish, and a jar of spices. (gosh it sounds like the 12 days of christmas song...) HAH! Ridiculous. But you see, I NEEDED those dress pants bad.They actually fit.Have you seen how much I'm swimming in my grey dress slacks? (Is it sacrilege to call it a Christmas miracle? I hate pants shopping)  And the necklace was only 3 dollars and the nailpolish was less than 2. And one pair of shoes was the exchange, and the second was literally 4 dollars, how do you say no to that!? And another pair was black flats for work becuase the current ones I have from walmart that were super cheap don't fit (too big). And I've been wanting nude pumps for a long long time now ( a wardrobe staple, no) and the red pair of heels are replacing the current pair i have which are more retro/cute than business/ polished little black dress type red shoes. And I may or may not have ordered a pair of brown flats online (free ship to store!)once I got home because payless only had a 7 and I needed a 6 1/2 and remember how I said I NEEDED a new pair of brown flats?......

Yeah, see how that all went down? That big long rambling justifying excuse? Whatever. The whole point of this blog was to  help inspire me to update my wardrobe to work and adult style clothing. Many of the things I got have been on my list of work essentials/replacement items anyways. I'm excited to have found so much stuff I've been looking for, and for great deals!

Maybe I'll post some photos...

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