December 10, 2012

Case of the Mondays

Flats: Wet Seal
Pants: Kohls
Sweater: Banana Republic Outletz
Necklace: Etsy

Today was soooo blech. Monday. Cold. Yucky.Stressful and overwhelming. Teaching is SO not easy. I wish more people realize what hard work it is.Hating my hair lately. I'm getting the itch to flat iron the hell out of it because it's misbehaving again.

Diggin my necklace today. Pops out alot better with this outfit. Got a compliment on it. More color to come later in the week.

Also, I'm linking up with Molly on her blog!

Please leave comments if you have any!


  1. Loving the necklace! You must share a link for the etsy seller. I feel you on the life of a not easy. I think we look forward to the upcoming break more than students do.

    Visiting from Yolo Monday Linkup!


    Unfortunately (for everyone else) the shop raised their prices a decent amount since I bought this a few months ago. I think they've become more popular lately.

    Thanks for the comments and the support, fellow teacher!