December 17, 2012

Meh Monday

Boots: Bergners
Skinnies: Love Culture
Tank: Old Navy

  Pants: Levis via TJMaxx,
Top: Banana Republic Outet
Sweater: Forever 21 via Platos Closet

The first pic is from when I was trying on clothes on Friday. I kinda love this tank, but decided not to get it because I didn't think it was quite right for work, but a little too flashy for normal weekend wear. I dunno, I'm trying to be a little bit more selective. But its so cute! Sigh. What do you think?

I'm not sure how I feel about this combo today for my outfit. Maybe if I was having a less haggard looking face today and my hair didn't look awful, I'd like the outfit better? (You can definitely see what I mean when you look at the dressing room pic, I look fine there!)  My face is looking all puffy and my eyes are squinty. I blame the poor lighting.

Maybe khakis would have been a better choice with the top, to bring out the beige in the top. These jeans, ugh. I know they aren't THAT short, but they seem like they are getting close to floods territory. Yikes. I knew I should have just worn regular flat flats, and not my sneakers. =/

Also, linking up today on Mollys Blog, because it's YOLO Monday! If you're visiting please leave a comment!

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