April 7, 2013

March Wrap Up

I've seen a few other people do a review of purchases they've made, and Whitney recently posted about all the stuff she got rid of. I like the idea of tracking all that. So here it goes.

Out with the old:

I guess I'm kinda over it with the grey huh? Haha! All of these items pretty much fit not quite right or weren't flattering. ADIOS! I don't need you taking up space in my closet. Time to get ruthless! (Although I still have that teal sweater in two more colors.) Don't judge me.

The jeans fit fine, for the first five seconds. They they stretched out and gave me a case of the saggy butt for the rest of the day. Sorry pants,I kind of hate you.

What I bought in March:

Platos Closet:
Brown Shoes

Sequin Scarf
Coral Button Down
Grey Cami Tank

Jean Shorts
Pink Dress
Navy Floral Tank
Pinkish Plaid Shirt
Red Flats

Old Navy:
Black Shorts
Green Plaid Shorts

Oh snap. And this was me really really trying hard not to buy things. Only because I had to pay my taxes this month, so I wanted to try to cut down on the clothes budget. Guess not huh? Well, in my defense, some of these items I had been searching for/wanting for a while, and happened to find them so I couldn't pass them up. And I literally went all summer with one pair of shorts last year that fit because I had waited too long to shop. This year I refused to let that happen again. So I went on a shorts buying spree.

Full of excuses, I know...

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