September 3, 2012

Skirts Galore

You know, I look my best in these more "business-y" type outfits. The rest of last week was so crazy busy I didn't have time to post any of the outfits. I'm making use of all the skirts in my closet since it is still a thousand degrees and the school has no a/c in my part of the building.


Yeah, the sneaker skirt combo has to die. And I don't think I'm such a fan of this jean skirt anymore. Oh well. Oh yeah, and my hair looks awful. Hmm. This outfit is really not doing a THING for my figure. I look like a sack of potatos...

Sneakers: Sketchers
Skirt: Way Old. Aeropostale I think
Shirt: Old Navy via Platos Closet

Earrings: Ten Thousand Villages (Fair Trade type store)

Looking back on this, I look nice! Outfit win. Hah, look at me bein all pose-tastic.  I really like this skirt! I thought it was too fancy for working in a school. I dreamed of wearing it to work at an office or go to a business meeting when I bought it. I did go to a district meeting in it though, so at least I looked really good for it. Hah. Also, this skirt has pockets. That makes it 100 times more awesome.

I debated the whole adding of the belt, since it was a little more turquoise than actual light blue, but I thought to hell with it as I'm trying to fancy up the outfits, I'd just go for it. Plus, it was a good place to clip my badge. =p

Sandals: Shoe Carnival
Skirt: H&M (very recent) P.S It has pockets!
Belt: Came with a pair of other pants
Shirt: New York and Co
Earrings: New York and Co

I feel like this is a good photo of me. I might
even make it a FB profile pic? Heh

Earrings: Little balls o sparkle

FRIDAY 31st. 

Cuz I wasn't about to wear that staff shirt again... Love the color of this one. Rockin a ponytail like this is definitely not  flattering. This was a stressful day at work. The new evaluation reality hit me in the face during a meeting with my boss. It wasn't a bad meeting, I've just got a lot of work to do. The new tool is pretty intense.  Also, I will be evaluated 5 times before February because of this new tool. I also had to write up 4 kindergarteners today. Sigh.

Shoes: TJ Maxx
Skirt: Wet Seal
Necklace: Couldn't tell ya

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