November 14, 2012

Undecided about wool sweaters and pink polish.

Boots: Bergners, new, $30
Leggings and Dress: somewhere in Italy

 I really like this sweater,  only its totally scratchy at the neckline. Of course, since I got it in Italy, I just suck it up because its sentimental...and cute. Loving my new boots! Wore them for the first time today! Painted my nails last night,  and I dunno,I'm so undecided about this pink. In some light it looks really nice, and other times I feel like its still too bright of a pink. I'm looking for a really really pale dusty pink. I think it photographed lighter than it really is. Here I have Essies Good Morning Hope, and then I layered over a Sinful colors previously thought to be fugly pink on top (which I like much better now)

 The last photo is in natural light. See what I mean about the pinkness? Hmmmmm. Ignore that I didn't do any post painting clean up in these photos, and my ugly cuticles.

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