November 10, 2012

This outfit is a winner

Boots: Gordmans (recent)
Dress: Charlotte Russe (recent, clearance)
Cardigan: Gap Outlet
Ring: Georgetown Jewelers (was my class ring substitute)

I can't even tell you how much I am IN LOVE with this dress. I'm so glad I popped into Charlotte Russe on impulse. I really went in to check out their flats, but the clearance rack was right there. The bright colors caught my eye, and the cut of the back had me SOLD. And when it rang up at the register, it was even cheaper than the already marked down tag. It came to 8 something with the tax. EIGHT DOLLARS! Ok, sorry, I'll calm down now.

The front has a very good built in cup bra that allows for such a low cut back. It's a very flattering bodice. I got compliments on this outfit too. Definitely a winner. I'm a little concerned about summer's a bit shorter than I'm totally comfortable with. I'll probably definitely be sporting some spandex shorts underneath.

Yay awesome outfit. And the good hair day. Always a nice bonus.

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