November 8, 2012

Eh sweater and ugly nail polish

Same old sketchers
Pants: Kohls
Sweater: No clue, really old

I'm so eh about this sweater. It just is so old and it feels...not cute? I have it in three colors. I accidentally dried these a few times during the first washes, and they shrank, and have always been a little shrunk/short because of it (they were supposed to line dry)

I feel like I have to tug at them all day long when I wear them. I'm considering just ditching it, but I kinda like the red sweater with dark jeans look... do I need a new updated sweater? Hmm.

Also, I feel weird about wearing a necklace with this. Maybe it's because I feel like the fabric is kinda casual and the necklaces I have don't "go".

Does anyone else ever have problems with outfits because you feel like the fabrics "don't go together" I wish people read this blog and I could get some feedback. Sigh. Oh well.

Also, is it just me, or is this weird purple grey nail polish color kinda fugly? I think it's supposed to be trendy but I think I kinda don't like it. I was also in a rush and did a totally crap job on it. Sheesh. Maybe with the right outfit and nicely painted it would look ok?. Hmm.

Essie: light color is Merino Cool,
dark color is Essie with no label,
but brown looking in the bottle (gifts)

Also, I was interviewed today at work and it will be on the news, and my outfit looks like crap. I just don't think this sweater and these pants work together. Am I totally crazy? Why couldnt I be having an awesome outfit day? Dang.

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