May 21, 2013

Bubble Necklace

I caved. I bought a bubble necklace. I still kind of hate the HUGE ones (totally not me) but thought I could pull off the smaller version. I had it on my amazon list for ages. I wish it was silver and not gold, but oh well. It's definitely cheap (the "gold
 is not even shiny, its pretty matte, which only makes it look more cheap), and they have nicer ones at Charming Charlie now that I've gotten the one from amazon, but what are ya gonna do? When the trend dies, at least I didn't pay too much. And it doesn't look terrible, just not as nice as some other knockoffs I've seen.

Flats: Walmart
Skirt & Tank: H &M
Necklace: amazon

I'm sorry, my hair is HOW long now? Dang. I guess I really need that haircut!

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