May 8, 2013

When I fell out of the habit of posting a few weeks ago, I fell hard.

Sorry friends. I've been busy with lots of work things, fiddling with my camera, and lots of other excuses. I have a few more outfits I need to post.

I tried some outdoorsy shots, but I was having problems. The camera, other people going by (awkward much?) and feeling like an idiot. I gave up with no good pictures. NONE. Am I just stupid, or how can you get the camera to focus on the spot you will be standing with the timer?

The problem will be soon solved, I just got my wireless shutter release remote in the mail. I'll try again in a few weeks. When school is out.

Also, do my fellow bloggers just all live near really cool areas with trees? I feel like going out for shoots is more trouble than it's worth.


Travels, more portfolio building on my portrait shots (of other people, not myself) and wrapping up the school year in the next few weeks.

I'll come back on the regular. I promise.

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