May 9, 2013


Between when the janitor cleaned my classroom at 6am, and when I got there at 8, some punk kid (i'm assuming...) crammed paper towels in sink and turned it on. And my room was a lake when I showed up. It was not a very good start to the day.

Here are some old outfits from a while ago, and one from today...

 Flats: Target
Jeans: Levis via TJMaxx
Top: Gap

 I wore the pink dress below for my art show I put on at the school I work at (I'm an art teacher) I got myself all fancied up for my "big night" just because I wanted an excuse to dress up. Haha!

 Wedges: Payless
Dress: Kohls
Hair: youtube tutorial by lilith moon for "greek updo"

This hairstyle is the BOMB, especially for my curly hair. People asked if I got it done at a salon. Now THAT means it looks good! Here's the video:

 Nailpolish by E.L.F

Pants: Kohls
Top: H&M

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