September 24, 2014

I got the blues

I've had this sequin top in my closet with the tags on for at least 4 or 5 months. I hadn't worn it because one, it was way in the back and I forgot it was there (my bad) and two, it seemed too fancy and I had nowhere to wear it. But, my coworker had a sequin top the other day, so I figured, why not? And I really like this outfit. I could probably step it up even further by wearing a skirt.

I feel pretty stuck in my rut of black dress slacks. I tried to find some pixie pants at Old Navy, but all the cute colors and patterns only came in ankle length. Boo. (Am I the only one who HATES ankle pants?) My sneaky plan that I am testing is ordering the ankle pants in "tall" from the website, I'm crossing my fingers they might turn out like a straight leg normal length pant. We shall see...

 Slacks: Bergners
Tank: Old Navy (old)
Necklace: Old Navy (old)
Cardi: NY&Co Outlet

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