September 29, 2014

Pixie Pant Problems

Ok. I really feel like I needed to visually document this and get some more opinions. The dot pants are regular size, in the regular length. Since no other fun colors come in the normal length, I tried to cheat and order "tall" in the ankle pants, to see if it just might work ( see the red pants.)

 Are these pants stupid on me or are they cute and I'm crazy? I seriously feel like I don't have the right shoes. These black ones are OK I think but winter, when it's freezing, it would look super stupid to wear socks, right? Or am I wrong again? Does everybody else skip the socks and freeze? Or do you not wear skinnies in winter without boots?

Honestly, the "tall" ankle pixie pants came out to the right length, but one, these shoes look stupid (right?) and two, they are just a smidge too big from the knee down. Right?

PLEASE let me know if I'm crazy or not. I can't decide if it's the shoes, the whole look on me, or what...are skinny pants just not for me?

And....what kind of shoes do you wear with skinnies besides boots?    And are work appropriate but not heels? I'm literally chasing kiddos around all day on my feet, and most flats offer like, no support.  UGGGGGH

So many questions. I hope yall can help a sister out?

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  1. I wear my skinny pants without socks in the winter, often with flats. I have worn nude-colored knee-high stockings before, but that may be too dorky. You could try booties, but they may have too much of a heel for you. Sorry I don't have better advice--hopefully someone does!
    Oh, and I think the pants are cute!