September 29, 2014

Heat Wave

I ended up taking off the grey cardigan I wore with this today about five minutes after I got to work. I meant to take a photo with the cardigan too, but then I was in a rush to change out of my work clothes and forgot, and I'm not changing again- too lazy! HAH! Keepin it real folks.

Shoes: Sketchers
Navy Pants: American Eagle Outlet
Tank: NY&Co Outlet
Necklace: Murano glass from Venice Italy

I can't decide if I'm loving my long hair, or hating my long hair....I secretly want to chop it off and get side bangs a la Reece Witherspoon.

Comfy shoes kind of a must. I love that flats come in cute colors but honestly, my feet hurt after a long day even in sneakers. Wish I could sit at a desk all day in an office and wear heels. Or just have any kind of stamina to wear heels for more than one hour. Oh well.

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