February 6, 2013

Early Valentines Day

Flats: Target online
Khakis: Kohls
Pink tank: Platos Closet
Cardigan: Platos Closet
Headband/scarf: Gap outlet (waaaaaay old)

Well look at me in my pink and maroon, with matching headband. I looked at myself in the mirror at lunch and thought, this is a pretty good valentines day color scheme I've got going on here. Definitely more casual feeling. I doesn't make me feel great and stylish. Just comfy. Comfy isn't bad though, right? I do love a good crisp put together feeling outfit though. Hmm

I just really hate seeing myself in khakis. I'm not brave enough for colored pants. I'm stuck in black and grey trouser land. I love fun skirts, but it's too damn cold for that. Tights or not! SO WHAT'S A GIRL TO DO!?

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