February 21, 2013

My new scarf!

 Cardi: Old Navy ( bought several on clearance for about 6 bucks.)
Scarf: Etsy
Earrings: uhh, Charming Charlies, maybe?

Ahhhhh I'm SOOO pumped about this scarf! Can you tell, since I just slammed this post with photos of the thing? I bought it on etsy, from this shop. Since the seller was international, it took a few weeks to get to me. But, I love it, so I had to wear right away when it came (which was yesterday!)

Love love love love love. Glad I bought it, it's such fun colors!

In other news, I alllllllllllmost bought colored skinny jeans at Walmart. They were only like, 15 bucks to begin with, but marked down to 11. But, I was rushing (not their for leisure shopping) and the fitting room didnt have great lighting, and I just couldn't decide on what size was best so I just skipped it. One seemed a little too tight, showing my undies line, one seemed a little too big. But seriously, they looked pretty decent, definitely worth checking out. They also have maxi skirts there, jersey, plain colors and striped, for under 15. Don't rule out walmart people!

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