September 24, 2012

Man, this shirt is itchy

Grey pants: TBA brand via Kohls
Top: JcPenney
Cardigan: Old navy
Earrings: NY and Co

I do like this shirt, but man, something is up with the seam on the shoulders of this thing. I even took it off and looked over it carefully, but didn't see the problem. But it is definitely pokey, itchy, and in general scratchy, but only right on that seam. Hmmmm. It also seems to make my chest look weird, now that I look at the photos. I think I might get rid of this one.

I like the pop of color from the sweater, but honestly the puffy-ish sleeves of my shirt made it awkward. I only wore the sweater for an hour during lunch, since it was cold. Oh well!

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