September 19, 2012

Half day in Heels

Shoes: Comfort Plus pumps from Payless
Pants: TBA via Kohls
Top: H&M in London
Necklace: Gift from boyfriend via Etsy

Well, I was going to wear a skirt today, but the top didn't look right with a skirt. Plus I was feeling cold again. So pants it is. I feel like this shirt is just a tad tooo big and drape-y, and it falls of my shoulders alot which is quite annoying. I'm considering having it taylored and taken in a little at the top of the shoulders. I wonder how much something like that costs?

Today was also a half day at school and I have been itching to try out my new pumps, but am not crazy enough to wear heels on a full day of school. But these are supposed to be super comfy, so I wanted to test out their longevity. They have a little bit of squishy memory type foam in them, and they felt good. THe only thing is, the weird seam on the side of the shoe, rubbed alot on the arch of my left foot and was giving me a blister. And my pinky toe was rubbing a bit. Otherwise they were great. I wonder if nylons,trouser socks, etc, and just breaking them in more will fix this problem? Hmmm.

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