September 24, 2012

Fun Friday

Flats: Target (online only)
Jeans: Levi, Slightly Curvy Boot cut, Tjmaxx
3/4 Cotton Top: Gap
Necklace: The Icing

These jeans I picked up at TJMaxx for about half their retail price, since they only cost me 20 bucks. I like that they are such a dark wash, they are the perfect length, my butt looks decent in them, they don't show your buttcrack when you bend down, and they are not skin tight. In this picture they look a little too loose through the thigh but I figure a good high temp dryer will take care of that. I know I know, I should have washed them before wearing them. Oh well.

The necklace is new, and I still just love those cheetah shoes! Yay! No fashionless Friday this week!

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