September 6, 2012

I got my new shoes on

I think that's a line from a song, no? Anywho.

A day in the life of a elementary school teacher. I had to run clear across the playground while on recess duty today because a kid had already pulled about 10 feet of that street tar straight up out of the blacktop, and didn't show signs of stopping. Yep. never a dull moment.

On a different note, I feel like my legs always look weird. What's up with my veiny ankles? Also, I was pleasantly surprised by these flats. Yes, they rubbed a little in the heel and I wore a bandaid, but they are new so I'm not surprised there. Otherwise, pretty comfy.  My hair is back to it's wild natural can't be tamed self. See that piece stickin out all cuckoo? Heh.

Flats: Walmart
Capris: Burlington Coat Factory
Top: Banana Republic Outlet
Earrings: Not sure
Ring: Gift from boyfriend via etsy

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