October 15, 2012

Monday Funday

Shoes: Sketchers
Pants: TBA via Kohls
White Top: NY and Co
Grey Sweater: Banana Republic Outlet
Necklace: Ny and CO

I really like this sweater alot. It has a unique texture to it and I like the detailing of the ribing and the little bow. LOVE the bow. Love it. The really ridiculous thing about this is that it is a size Petite XXS. I kid you not. And 1, I am not petite size in the torso (although I guess the sweater in on the shorter side) and I'm definitely not an XXS. So, was this supposed to be a MK and Ashley Olsen twin "i'm homless" bag lady sweater or something on a small person? Who knows. All I know is it looked normal sized when I grabbed it off the rack, it fits well, and I like it.

I wish I could have thought out the outfit a little more but I was runnign late, so this became a half outfit repeat with the same white top and necklace as picture day from the end of September.

My my, my hair keeps getting longer and longer. I think I've finally realized it. Also, this coat weather (thus the wearing of coats) is really messing up the underside of my hair, making it a big tangled nappy mess. It prolly took me a solid five minutes to detangle in the shower using my fingers (since I pretty much never use a hairbrush anymore...read older posts about my curly girl hair routine) Not sure how the curly girl stuff will work out over winter. I might be straighening it a bit more. (GASP)

Also, the fun thing about weekends is having time to paint your nails! I realized I've got a nailpolish problem. I have 55 bottles. (It makes it better that about 1/3rd of them are mini bottles, right? RIGHT??) And I uh, I didn't pick up two more bottles at Walgreens just this afternoon. Nope, did not. ::whistles:: But really, I got alot more polish when I bought these nail stamping plates off Amazon called Bundle Monster, which is a knockoff of the much more expensive Konad. And I'm telling you guys, this is what started making nail art popular, and why Sally Hansen and those people all came out with those printed nail stickers. P.S. My cuticles are after I moisturized! HOW the heck do those nail bloggers have such awesome nails?? Jeez. Also, I have stumpy wide nailbeds. And I'm not the most patient at shaping my nails either, mainly because I despise the sound of a nailfile. I had to trim down my nails since I snagged a few, but didn't want to trim them all the way to stumps, but I didn't trim them very evenly. Hmm. Anyone have any nail tips?

Happy Monday

If you found me via YOLO Mondays via Molly at http://www.themollybuckley.com/  Holla at me in the comments!

P.S. Am I the most lame person ever that I only found out wtf YOLO meant YESTERDAY? Watching shark tank no less. Haha, I'm so lame. =p

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