October 9, 2012

Curly Girl Updates

I guess I can post this here, no?

Long story short, I cut regular shampoo out of my life, and decided to let my hair do it's own wild thing after torturing it with a blowdryer and flat iron since high school.  I started this journey in May, so we are starting month 6. I've straightened it only a handful of times since May, which are the only times I've even used a hairbrush

 For crying out loud, I didn't even bring a hairbrush on vacation, that's how revolutionary this was for me. (I comb my hair with my fingers in the shower while it's drenched in conditioner, because everyone knows brushing curls=disaster!)

I switched to using low sulphate shampoo, but mostly just conditioner washing. Sounds gross, but if you use NO SILICONES in your conditioner or styling products, everything washes out (including natural oil and dirt build up) with the cleansers that are in the silicone free conditioners.But this is harder than it sounds, cuz thos nasty silicones are hiding in just about freaking everything. I had to stop using all the conditioner and all like 9 bottles of styling stuff I already had and start from scratch.

My curl has seriously tightened up, and while I still have good and bad hair days and am figuring out the products I use and my best system, I'm feeling alot more awesome about letting my curls live. =)

I use: Loreal suplhate free shampoo
Conditioner wash: Suave mango conditioner
Conditioning conditioner (haha, right?) Tresemme NATURALS volume conditioner
Gel: LA Sport, Blue stuff, like 3 dollars at Walmart for the biggest bottle you've ever seen ( I still haven't run out in 5 months!)

You can find more info on the boards at curlygirl.com if you want to know more =)

Here are the progress shots:(click a pic to scroll through them in a bit of a larger size)

Before (above in black)
2 weeks
7 weeks

5 months in (this week)
And before again for comparison sake

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