October 9, 2012

Fallin off the wagon

Well, I was doing so good at posting! Or at least taking the photos, cuz I got a week behind in posting. And then, well, I dunno what happened. I think I missed Thursday bc I never bothered to take a photo, and then once I got home sick I changed into pajamas.

Yes, last week I came down with strep! Not fun! So, I was in pajamas Friday-Monday. Today, back to work!

I've got one outfit from last week, and today, which I had to take at home because I forgot my camera, oops!

Flats: Walmart
Pants: Kohls
Top and Sweater: NY&Co
Ring: Target

 Seriously, I don't know why these grey pants look so freaking HUGE on me. Definitely not the best fit.  Also I just LOVE this argyle sweater because its not TOO argyle. Does that make sense? I think it's the light colors. Plus I love that my bowtie ring bling kinda matches the buttons. Also, someone needs to come and stop me from letting me put my hair all back like this. For. Reals.

Awful mirror smudges, oops
Purple top: Forever 21
Black jersey drapey cardigan: Tjmaxx
Necklace: Charming Charlies

And yes, my nails are pretty much that exact shade of fushia. Woo!

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