October 25, 2012

The Rant.

Well, I feel frumpy. Still.

I've had good outfits and good hairdays but after finding a few more new blogs and looking through things, other people are SO MUCH more fashionable than I am. I can say at least, that all of the new stuff has looked good, and when I make a good outfit, it is a good. outfit.

But, my pants are baggy (seriously, I'm swimming in my grey pants, but they fit at the waist, so boo), I slick my hair back and it looks awful but I'm too lazy and don't wake up early enough to style it in a cute way other than "down" or "up" most of the time.I need cuter work sneakers or shoes or flats or something. My black flats are a bit too big so they don't really fit without socks. And even so, they have no cushion whatsoever and are not very comfy.

I've been wearing my cheetah flats with like, everything. Because I don't have other good shoes to wear. Yeah, but you know, I only have like 25 pairs, but none to wear. Obviously.

Why can't I look cute and styled? Why does the shopping in my city SUCK? Seriously, we have two malls, should I be able to find a cute pair of brown boots? No. Not to save my life. Or non I'll fitting dress pants, apparently. UGH.

I'm shipping off a stack of clothes that dont fit, look frumpy/ugly on me, etc to goodwill. Good riddance. Making room for the new. I'm determined to do some shopping damage when I go home to visit my parents. They live near one of the largest malls in the country, with HM and Forever 21, which I don't have, and there is an awesome HUGE Platos Closet up there. Kinda hit or miss, but with it being so close to such a big shopping mecca, they seem to get lots of the nicer stuff, like NY and Co and Express and such, along with the teenager brands which I bypass. Maybe I will score a cute purse there too. I've been scouring the stores for a few weeks now.

I've actually got a list of top priority items, like better fitting slacks, brown boots, and the cardigan colors I have yet to acquire, in order to help me focus better while shopping.

I've seen alot of bloggers photographing outfits in a dressign room. Should I do this? Maybe it will help me determine if the fit of something actually looks good? I can look at the pics once out of the dressing room to help me decide? Hmm

Also, my hometown has not onlythe big mall and the nicely located big Platos Closet, but also TJMaxx, Ross and Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, AND Homegoods, AND Ikea. Omg, my poor wallet.

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