October 23, 2012

Yeah, I definitely need more pencil skirts

I skipped a few posts because I was feeling frumpy those days. Shame on me.

Flats: Target
Skirt: Gordmans
Top: Express via Platos Closet
Earrings: Charming Charlie

Yes, I am an outfit repeater. This is what I wore the second day of school. Today I had a cardigan on over it for most of the day, I should have taken another photo with the sweater on. I am really trying hard to wear all my clothes and not repeat outfits, but the weather took a freakish turn towards summer and I wanted to wear a skirt and at the last minute changed my mind about what shirt to wear because the cardigan I WANTED to wear with the other tank was dirty and in the hamper. Eyeroll.

In other news, I went shopping today to avoid doing laundry (just what I need!) And bought some items from old navy. Only, I didn't buy them in the store, because one I wanted to mull it over (expensive coat purchase) and two I thought it was on sale online. I came home to check and it turns out I was right. Plus there was a 20%off code, and free shipping. So I saved almost 20$ on a long white wool coat. (For fancy occasions). I also bought a pair of compression workout pants (more form fitting) to wear for figure skating practice, and threw in a pair of winter boots I was eyeing. I really wish I had tried on the boots in the store, but if I don't like them I can easily return in store and not worry about shipping them back. I also snagged a necklace from Charming Charlie (my fav place, sooo sparkly in there!) and a dress from Charlotte Russe. At first I found a M but that was too big. I decided to check one more time even though I had already looked at the entire sale rack. there I found hiding and XS. Hmmm I thought...please fit? Annnd it did. I zipped it up and was like "yesssssss".   The already on clearance dress was even cheaper at the register, and was 7 something. SCORE.  Now I just need to figure out how to style it for winter (it's a tad on the shorter side and skinny straps/kinda backless) It's not a clubbign dress or anything, but not a sundress either. Hard to describe. Maybe with tights, a sweater, and black boots. Now all I need are the boots. Oh boots, how you evade me....

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