October 24, 2012

Half Day, Twice the Heat

Sneakers: Sketchers
Jeans: SO @Kohls
Top: Basic Juniors Tees @ Kohls
Scarf: London somewhere
Blazer: Gap
Earrings: NY and CO
Ring: Craft show, similar on etsy

Today, and all of this week really, has really been warm. Like, almost 80 warm. I threw on this blazer/jacket after being inspired by seeing alot of other bloggers in blazers lately. They aren't really "me" but this actually really looks quite cute... got way too hot though to wear it much into the day.

Yay pops of color! I was pretty toasty in this scarf today though... I love the colors of this scarf, and the brightness of this shirt. I was feeling lazy and it was a half day so I just threw on jeans. Cute and casual. Just the way I like it.

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