June 15, 2013

Sailor Saturday

Skirt/Dress: Burlington Coat Factory
Tank:Gap (similar at H&M)
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Earrings: etsy

I picked this skirt up along with my other new green and black maxi skirts the other day from Burlington Coat Factory. This one is fun because of the nautical type vibe, and it's sliiiightly high low (but not too extreme) and it's interchangeable and can be a dress or a skirt! Who doesn't love multi-purpose?

In other news, I've been "no poo" for a year now. (really, just sulphate and silicone free) My hair is still adjusting to the cut and hasn't curled very well the past couple days, but I'm workin on it.

So after my haircut the other day, I let her use styling products in it. (Last time she didn't, since she didn't want to mess up my no poo situation.) And when I went to wash my hair later, when it got wet...I could actually feel that plastic slime stuck in my hair. Sure, while it was dry it was silky and smooth, and then when it was wet I could totally tell it was coated in gunk that was NOT coming out without my reserve of sulphate shampoo. ICK. I was actually really shocked that I could feel the product residue  in my hair when it was wet. But I guess after a year of it not being there, you notice when some gunk is stuck in there. Needless to say, as nice and smooth as it was dry/straight, that grossed me out way too much while it was wet to go back to products filled with silicones. NO THANKS.

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