June 6, 2013

What A Difference A Diffuser Makes

Seriously, I really am amazed at the power of a good hair gel and a diffuser on a blow dryer. Check out my awesome hair! I thought I'd try to go the air dry route this summer, but after my hair dried limp and blah yesterday, it just left me feeling dumpy all day. Voluminous bouncy curls definitely make me feel a little more glam! Oh, and a little makeup doesn't hurt either! Now if I could just remember the lip gloss!

Skirt: Burlington Coat Factory
Tank: Banana Republic Outlet
Leaf Earrings: Ten Thousand Villages Boutique
Star Necklaces: Love Culture super cheap. Maybe 3 bucks?

The ironic thing about this shirt, is now I realize I just wore it not to long ago...and I really HATE that it's so high maintenance to dry flat. All those zig zag layers are not sewn down, and since it's a jersey material, it just wants to curl curl curl up on the edge, so I always have to weight down the edge with other random objects to prevent it from doing that. I do love this shirt though!

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