March 25, 2013

5 ways: Shirts

 I've been pretty good about trying to wear all my clothes an equal amount, and I have a lot of clothes and have been blogging only a few months, so I haven't reworn the same shirt a million times yet since I started blogging. Since I didn't have 5 examples of anything (the name of the game is 5ways!) I just threw in a few different shirt examples.

I'm pretty pleased with myself and how differently I wore these shirts each time. I swear I wore that white top on it's own on school picture day, but can't find the pic on my computer. hmm.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Here's today's outfit! I refused to give into natures final winter blow (the snowstorm that pounded the midwest)and wore fun bright colors for spring... although since everyone in towns around me got snow days, I "protested" by being comfy in jeans and snowboots. (disclaimer: I technically have no dresscode in my district, so jeans are ok!)

Jeans: SO via Kohls
Sweater: somewhere in Italy
Nailpolish: Rainbow set of mini bottles via amazon

I love a good fun colored manicure! Doesn't it just liven things up?

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  1. I love seeing all of the different ways you've worn those shirts! It makes you feel like you're really getting your money's worth, ya know?

    and your nails are too fun. perfect for Easter! ;)

  2. What a great collage of different looks and your sweater and nails are so fun! We got snow here today, too!

  3. I love your striped sweater and your nails! They are perfect for a cold snowy day. Way to stick it to winter :)

    I really like the floral top you remixed, especially paired with the pretty blue cardigan. Heather

  4. I love how a basic white tee can look so different! Fantastic!
    Thanks for joining our link-up!

  5. LOVE your sweater and nails!! I adore bright rainbow colors and you totally rock them! You're so gorgeous. =)