March 18, 2013

Straight hair Monday

Flats: Platos Closet
Pants: SO via Kohls
Tank & Scarf : Forever 21
Cardi: H&M

I feel a little meh about this outfit. I picked it out in a bit of a rush this morning. I planned around the scarf. I got it on my trip a few weeks ago to Forever 21 and have been wanting to wearing. Neutral, but sparkly for a bit of fun!

Are my gray socks with brown shoes a fashion no no? I realized at the last minute I had no matching socks. Oops. Oh well.

In other news, I'm trying SO HARD not to go on a shopping overload. I know I've been buying things, but I've been restraining myself. ALOT. (Although probably not as much as I should. eep) Maybe its the new season, or there is just alot of cute stuff out there right now. Is anyone else having the urge to buy everything in sight? Or just me?

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  1. I have had those moments too....buying and loving an outfit one day but then so not feeling it another day!! I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award....if you head over to my blog you will find all the details- Stephanie

  2. Ohhhh it is NOT just you. I had to start an account on Go Chic or Go Home so that I could see how much I actually own and hopefully prevent myself from needlessly buying more!

    I love the sparkle in this scarf and the pretty mint top :)

  3. i'm always feeling like i have to buy something. it drives my husband crazy!