March 6, 2013


Pants: bergners
Top: NY&Co
Cardi: Old Navy
Necklac: NY & Co
Earrings: Charming Charlie
Ring: Georgetown Jewelers

Today was the, I thought I had my outfit planned, but then tried on five different things before deciding on this, day. UGH. I had a short sleeve black top to go under a sweater, but the sleeves puffed out and looked weird. So I tried this other cardi over this shirt (which is a tank) but that particular one had those hanger loops...and they were scratching my shoulders. Then I tried on my grey  argyle sweater, but it was cropped much shorter than this top and just looked funny. And here we are.

Reeeeeediculous. Ever have one of those mornings? I really have a craving to go shopping, but I really can't afford it. Well, can't afford it, and spending my money more wisely are really two different things, but I'm telling myself the former to help me resist the urge. I just aid my tax bill (hundreds! eek!) and still haven't ordered my new glasses I want to get. Since I got a couple new items last weekend, maybe I can be strong and make it the rest of March with no purchases...

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  1. That is a really cute tank! I tend to daydream up the next day's outfit the day before....and I hate changing my clothes so even if it's not perfect, that's what I'll wear! :P

  2. Definitely been there - where everything you try on doesn't work like you thought it would in your head. I think this looks great on you - the mint is so perfect for spring!