March 11, 2013

Monday Shopping

Oops, I went shopping again. Doooot de doooo. I'll get to that in a minute. Here's today's outfit

 Pants: SO via Kohls
Navy super soft "dressy" tee: Target
Cardi: Old Navy
Scarf: Thrifted via Platos Closet

I actually wore this outfit most of the day without the sweater. It was a little toasty in my classroom today. I'm kind of excited, because now it means I can wear some of my short sleeve items that don't really always look the best with a cardigan. Also, black shoes and khaki fail. But it was still really wet out and I didn't want to wear flats and have them get all wet. (You know what I'm talking about, how part of the shoe on flats sometimes touches the ground, because the sole is not always big enough?)

I returned the second pair of dress pants I had sitting in my closet with the tags still on after work today. (different color, same style as the black ones that are too big after wearing.) What I realized was, they fit awesome for the first few hours out of the dryer. Then they stretch out for some reason like nobodys business. I didn't think the material of dress pants would do this, but it does. Sad.

Then I swung by Old Navy because I kept thinking about those shorts that seemed to not quite fit right and the dress I previously posted a pic of on here (the black and white stripes) and I got an email saying you get 10 off coupon for your next purchase of 25, when you spend 25.

I decided to try on the shorts again just because, and I bought black shorts and a pair of blue/green/lime plaid shorts, but it was a nightmare finding one that fit. Here's why:

Those are the SAME SIZE shorts. Can I get a WTF? So, I am REALLY hoping that their crappy sizing control isnt reflected in when I wash/wear them, like what happened with my dress pants. No shrinking or stretching like crazy please... I really want these to work because they are one of few (the only??) plain, basic looking, non booty shorts around. And by that I mean, most places are either board shorts, or so little fabric you aren't quite sure it would even cover your whole butt. What is up with that? Where have all the normal shorts gone?

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  1. Great scarf! Thanks for linking up to My Style Monday.