March 21, 2013

Winterize It

So over on Work Clothes, I Suppose, she threw out a little "winterize it" challenge. Is it cheating that I just threw a cardigan over this halter top?

In the summer. ( I won a contest, and got all this great loot!)

 Starry Night Shoes: Handpainted by yours truly
Pants that never fit well for long: Bergners
Halter: Banana Republic Outlet
Cardi: Old Navy
Ring: Georgetown Jewelers
Necklace: unknown internet site

My hair looks pretty awesome today. Woo!

 I bought that pendant a good long while after I got the ring. I saw it on some random jewelry selling site, where it sold "deals" for only like 10 minutes at a time, and there were four up at once on this one site. Couldn't remember what it was called for the life of me. But I think it matches my original ring pretty well, don't you?

Today, my students kept telling me all day I was wearing all cool colors (which are green blue purple). I taught them well. Haha!


  1. Time out - you painted those shoes? I am very impressed!

  2. I love that you had a summer version of the top too!! Those shoes are awesome - I totally echo Andi's thoughts! Thanks for linking up :)