March 4, 2013

Last Friday

Winter Boots: Old Navy
Jeans: SO via Kohls
Tank: Old Navy clearance
Cardi & Earrings: Charlotte Russe

Polish: Revlon Fearless

Got a chance to go shopping at my favorite mall this weekend in my hometown. In fact, I went right at 10am when they opened this morning. I was planning to shop after having lunch with a friend, then making the 3 hr drive back to where I currently live, but there was a dicey forecast for snow and I did NOT want to get stuck in a blizzard on the highway. (Been there, done that, one of the worst life decisions I ever made to drive through that) So I shopped in the morning and headed home right after lunch instead.

So, I wanted to go to Forever 21, and the one I went to is epicly HUGE. Needless to say the music is always blasting, clothes are flung everywhere, its full of people, and I generally do not have the patience to shop there. But at 10am, all is calm, the store is super perfectly neat and organized, and there is like, one other person in the whole place. AWESOME. I tried on many things but only ended up with one shirt, a scarf, and a camisole tank. I LOVED this one dress, particularly the cut of it really, but it was still a tad too big on the top half, and rather unfitted and floppy in the back where the zipper was. But, now at least I know what style dress I like, right? I'm sad it didn't fit quite right. The shirt I did buy is the one hanging up in the back there.

My socks really make the outfit, no?


  1. Mustard and stripes have to be one of my favorite combos lately! You nailed it - love love love it!

  2. I wasn't sure how I felt about it, glad to know it looks good, thanks!